Monday, 31 October 2011

Work with the Best International Couriers – Your Customers Deserve it

Being responsible for customer satisfaction is always an area of major concern for any business. One late delivery and a customer could be lost forever.  Working with an International Logistics company who would not let that happen has several advantages which go beyond the obvious. Not only can you guarantee that they will take delivery of their orders on time, you are also able to trust in the couriers to get the job done.

The benefits of choosing the best international courier provider are numerous and go far beyond being able to provide the best possible service to your clients and customers. The Royale International Group handles all sorts of goods, delivering them to destinations across the globe, and all of them are important.  

When working with this courier giant some of the other benefits you will also be receiving include:

  • Transparent data giving you access to all the tracking information as you need it
  • A wide variety of services on offer every single day with no exceptions
  • Immediate response, deliveries can be dispatched within two hours of you making the order
  • Choice of a pick and pack service available
  • Reduced marketing and distribution expenses
  • Peace of mind knowing deliveries arrive on time, every time
  • Ability to distribute your items anywhere in the world

Friday, 28 October 2011

Keeping You Up to Date with the Latest International Courier News

To help you with all your courier services Royale International Group are able to help you make sure your deliveries arrive to their destination without any trouble.  Therefore we are able to help you with any queries you may have regarding your goods and the countries they are heading to.

If you wish to keep up to date with the changes in regulations for various locations over the world you can visit the website for more information.  You will find a break down any of the recent changes and learn how that affects the International courier service. If you are unsure of how you may be affected by the changes the Royale International Group sales representatives in your area will be more than happy to give you more information.

Some of the latest international courier news that has been released includes the brand new regulation regarding the proof or origin requirement which is needed for clothing and other textiles in countries in the European Union.   Now the EU countries are no longer subject to the proof of origin requirement in the form of the certificate of origin or put the origin declaration on the invoices.  You do still need to indicate the place of origin of any imported items in the declaration form for customs and excise.

Keep checking the website for the latest news or contact a sales representative for more information.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

World Leaders in International Logistics Aim to Keep Things Simple

A great service is of paramount importance when dealing with an international logistics service provider.  That is why the leading courier providers, Royale International Group, offer so many world class services to their customers. The main aim of the company is to provide fast delivery times, simple to use services and of course the best customer service possible.

Thanks to their full range of services that are readily available on a world-wide scale, the international courier providers are able to keep all of their customers happy, both new and old. One of their main concerns is making sure that the customer is able to use all of their services with ease, and arrange any deliveries necessary within the shortest time frame possible.  This is evident in the variety of courier options that are offered via their website or through your local Royale International Group sales representative. 

Keeping things simple for the customer is of paramount importance, even when the arrangements are incredibly complex.  This is evident in the Time Critical service and of course the Next Flight Out delivery option which is able to speed up the time that your goods are shipped.  Just contact the Royale International Group with your requests and leave the hard work down to the experts. 

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

World Class Hand Carry Service Ready to Help

Sometimes there are goods which need extra special care when they are being transported around the world. One of the ways in which the Royale International Group stand head and shoulders above the rest of the International logistics company is their amazing customer service and large variety of services which are designed to answer all of your delivery requirements.

Hand carry, also known as Time Critical services are one of the ways of having your goods transported. This is when one of the expertly trained hand carry couriers travel with your goods to any destination you require. The goods are transported as their luggage and the courier will hand deliver it when it reaches its final destination.

Fast Response and the Quickest Delivery Times

This world class service is ideal if you need to have important items delivered such as retail samples, telecommunication items or machine parts.  Whatever your goods may be you can receive a quote and a flight plan from the Royale International Group within half an hour of requesting the information.  If you need something delivered in a hurry then time critical services are able to provide you with a way of getting the job done. Your items could be on route within hours.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Urgent Deliveries are No Problem for International Couriers

The Royale International Group pride themselves on their ability of offering complex and vital courier services which run smoothly and are simple for their customers to organise. By concentrating on offering a world class International courier service the logistics giants have been able streamline their services so as to cause the least disruption to you the customer and make sure your deliveries arrive on time.

In some situations it is necessary to organise an urgent delivery. Sometimes items are missed or an emergency arises which demand items or documents are shipped out as soon as possible. Therefore it is worth being aware of the Next Flight Out service which is provided by the Royale International Group.

The Next Flight Out service ensures that your deliveries are shipped in the quickest timeframe possible. This is available every day of the year, twenty-four hours a day so there is no need to panic in times such as these.

Contact your International courier sales representative or call the twenty-four hour hotline telephone number which is available on the website. That way it is possible to organise to have your items on the next flight out headed to the destination you require. It is fast, simple and gets the job done. 

Monday, 24 October 2011

Couriers Find a New Use for Social Media

It seems that social media has been integrated into many areas of business ranging across all industries. You would be correct in thinking that businesses mainly use social media as a way to build on their networks and provide customers with an alternative route when it comes to customer service. However, international couriers are using the social network such as Twitter for a more practical use.

Live traffic updates are being posted to the social networking website which provides drivers with instant notification of any problems on the roads.  This could help your international couriers service drivers to check out the very latest news before departing to help create a faster alternative route.

Royale International Group Couriers Stand Out From the Crowd

Although this may benefit some couriers, it is worth noting that the Royale International Group has an excellent communication system in place to overcome these issues.  The International Couriers are able to ensure a faster point to point service is possible with all deliveries making sure that the recipient is not left waiting around for the goods. 

Perhaps the traffic updates on Twitter would be of more interest to the customers waiting in for their deliveries. The social updates could become a complimentary method for internet users to keep an eye on their parcels to coincide with the live updates on the parcel tracking services found online.  

Reliable Bulk Mail Solutions Delivering You a Better Service

One of the ways that the Royale International Group offers the best customer service is through their simple and effective International Courier service. With so many services it is possible to use one single company to use for all manner of your goods distribution requirements.

Bulk Mail and Publication Distribution

One of the benefits of working with the Royale International Group is the bulk mail, publication & financial research distribution service.  This may sound like a mouthful but in fact it has been designed to over you a very simple method of distributing your documents and marketing materials.  It is possible to have your bulk mail distributed in various types of ways including:
  • Couriers
  • Hand carry
  • Postal Delivery
  • Direct Injunction

All of your data will be expertly handled with all of your information sensitively taken care of to ensure confidentiality at all times.  Labelling, insertion, sorting and shipment are all dealt with by the expert couriers right up until all of the items are delivered by your chosen method.

This service is available internationally so if you have any material which you would like to be distributed contact the Royal International Group today for more information.

Friday, 21 October 2011

Special Routes and Discounted Promotions

What sets one international courier apart from another is not just the quality of service that is available (although that helps); it’s also the time and money saving services on offer.

The Royale International Group realise the importance of their international customers. So much so that you can find many special routes at discounted prices. Some of the most popular destinations around the world are included in these promotions from the world class international logistics company, including:
  • Hong Kong
  • London
  • Germany
  • Vietnam and more

Not only are there great prices to take advantage of there are many other advantages to be had when taking up these fantastic courier promotions.  You can expect to receive a twenty four hour service, seven days a week, all year round. You are able to request a tailor made package and can expect to receive full real time reports on the most up to date shipment statuses.

Check out the latest special routes online and discover what makes the Royale International Group stand out from the crowd.

Team Stories: Freddy Lau

Name: Freddy Lau
Job Title: Call Centre Officer
Department: Call Centre

Describe a time or situation in which you have provided value-added service to our customers, colleagues, department.
Every time we solve a customer's problem by inter-communicating with related departments. Each call helps us gain more experience and means we improve our work flow in future.

What are your favourite things or what do you like to do outside of work?
Badminton and Karaoke.

What are your pet peeves or what annoys you outside work?
It annoys me when people throw their rubbish on the street.

What is your favourite expression or quote/proverb?
"Example is the best precept".

What do you like about your job at Royale?
Sometimes it can be quite challenging and it's great learning how to communicate with customers efficiently.

Contact details

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Royale International Team Joins The 2011 Moontrekker Event (21st Oct 2011)

Member of the Royale International Group is bursting with enthusiasm as they prepare to take part in one of Hong Kong’s most exciting enduring competition on Friday, 21st Oct 2011.

They are expecting to join among the hundreds of community members in this year’s Moontrekker event ( The event is a part of a fundraising drive to help raise for the charity Room to Read ( This involves a grueling 40km race over the mountains of Lantau in the dark with the goal of finishing before sunrise.

Mr. Phil Murton and Mr. Michael Charlwood are hoping to complete the race around 8 hours time. “This will prove to be quite a physical and mental challenge for us and we are looking forward to raise as much as possible for this worthy cause”, said Mr. Murton. If anyone would like to donate, please contact Thanks in advance for your support.

Want Something for Free from Your International Courier? Special Offer Alert!

If you need to have an overnight courier or any other delivery service for ten items or more, and are in the Chile/Panama area then the Royale International Group have a special offer on right now! Contact your local sales representative and book a commercial shipment to receive a free USB drive.

Quality International Courier Solutions Ready to Get the Job Done

Along with the USB drive you will be receiving the Royale International Group's quality service. You can have your items shipped to anywhere in the world in the fastest time possible.  There are all sorts of different services available from the overnight delivery service to the special times deliveries.

Don’t Miss Out!

The deal is running until March 28, 2012, however, There is a limited stock of just one hundred USB drives, so act fast to make sure you catch this promotion.  This is open to all new and current customers and is limited to one drive per account.  So why not grab yourself a freebie while making your usual courier order. Visit the website for more information.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

International Couriers Provide Simple Services and Excellent Customer Service

Without customers there can be no business.  This may sound like an obvious fact; however, many companies seem to forget just how important their customers are.  International parcel delivery providers, the Royale International Group, believe that providing the best customer service possible is key to their success.

If you are looking for a reliable firm to handle all of your International parcel service requirements it helps to choose a firm who are committed to delivering all of your items quickly and efficiently whist providing you with a simple system which works.

There are various ways in which the Royale International Group aim to help make your life a little easier.  The wide array of courier services that are available for example, and all the helpful tools found on the website designed to save you time. Furthermore they provide you with a number of ways to track your parcels and important documents.  Tracking can be achieved via email, by using the simple online tracking system or even by mobile phone messaging.   

Obtaining a pick up order quote is simple too.  Located on the website is a simple form which asks you about your order requirements.  Soon after sending you will receive a no obligation quotation giving you the best price possible. It is fast, reliable and provides you with an easy way to order a pick up online.

Simple services such as these, a focus on customer satisfaction and a strong work ethic result in satisfied customers all over the world. 

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Quality Service Sees Courier Firm Rise to the Top

With so many different courier services it can be difficult to decide on which one to use.  A great way of finding the best service possible is by looking at how the Internationallogistic company is able to provide you with ways of improving your own customer service.

The Royale International Group have grown from humble beginnings into a multi-million pound company and one of the reasons for this is their ability to provide the best customer service through their attention to detail and many service options.  By working hard they are able to ensure that your customers are not left waiting for their deliveries, meaning you are able keep your promises.

Some of the different international courier services that are available from the Royale International Group include:
  • Time Critical Delivers
  • Next Flight out Services
  • Special Timed Deliveries
  • Air Freight Services
  • Domestic Courier Deliveries
  • Warehouse, Logistics and Distribution
  • Bulk Mail, Publications and Financial Research Distribution

These services are expertly managed to ensure that you never need to find a new courier provider ever again. Thanks to the direct delivery service the firm are able to provide the fastest delivery times possible with cost efficiency always a priority. 

Monday, 17 October 2011

Staying on Track with International Couriers

When selecting an International courier it is worth trying to establish the type of tracking that is available.  Many companies offer a certain amount of tracking information, although this can be somewhat limited. Often you may have trouble logging in to your account, or only have selected information available such as when the item arrived at the depot and when it left.

The Royale International Group believes in providing a superior level of customer service. When you put your trust and faith in their International Logistics services, they realise that being able to have real-time tracking can deliver peace of mind, provide valuable information to both the sender and the recipient, and allows businesses the chance to improve their level of customer service too.

The Latest Technology 

Therefore when you put your packages in the hands of the experts, you will be provided with an increased ability to track.  Many drivers now have a GPS system installed in their vehicle, meaning it is possible to obtain real-time information on where in the world your goods are at that moment in time.  Other couriers may use mobile phone tracking, which eliminates the need for any special equipment to be added to the vehicle.

To track your packages simply login to the Royal International Group website, send an email or use the SMS service to gather the information you require. 

Friday, 14 October 2011

Royale Asia Aim to Make Your Life Simpler

No one likes to have extra pressures put on them So when it comes to using an International delivery service anything to help make the process easier is always welcomed.  This is why The Royale International Group has provided their customers with loads of excellent tools to make the shipping of goods that much easier.

The International courier website is filled with many little time saving tools which should help you to get your parcels from point A to point B  with as little stress as possible.  The Royale International Group website is set apart from their competitors as they have put together simple and effective tools which have come from their years of experience in the industry.

If you have a package to ship it is possible to use the site to:
  • Calculate the volumetric weight of your packages
  • Convert currencies
  • Discover the time in any country in the world to know when your parcel will be arriving
  • Learn all of the public holidays in the world which could affect your deliveries
  • Print online air waybills
  • Order supplies
  • Pay for your services

With so many excellent tools it is no wonder that the company has gone from strength to strength and are considered to be one of the best international couriers in the world. 

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Expert Advice for Air Deliveries from International Couriers

If you are looking to ship goods internationally it is worth preparing your items so that they arrive safely. Therefore, it is important to take the advice of the International courier providers.  The experts work tirelessly to ensure that you are given all the information required to help the couriers do their job, meaning your packages arrive safely and on time. 

At The Royale International Group you will be provided with all of the packaging required to help prepare your goods for the journey.  All you need to do is contact the customer service department with your account name and the number of items you require and they will be delivered to you within two days.

It is worth remembering that your goods will need to go through a customs X-ray scanner during transport. The scanner is only able to cope with packages up to a certain weight and size.Because of this the International logistics company, the Royale International Group  recommends that the weight of each item to be shipped weighs no more than 30 kilograms and has dimensions less than one meter.

However, if you do have any larger items The Royale International Group may still be able to help you with shipping. Special arrangements can be easily made to make sure your items reach their destination in safe hands.  

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Eco-Friendly International Couriers Lead the Way

International Logistics companies need to consider how to reduce the impact that their business has on the environment. This is true with all industries, but how can a company which uses transportation to deliver goods around the clock reduce their carbon emissions? If you take a look at The Royale Interntional Group you will see the extensive efforts that have been made to help ensure that your deliveries have less of a negative impact on the environment than ever before. 

The international parcel delivery company believes it is their corporate responsibility to put the environment among their top priorities. Within the offices and warehouses, there is a strict reuse and recycle policy that is in place to reduce the amount of waste created through the day to day  running of a large scale international business.

In addition to this recycling scheme, The Royale International Group aims to offer a more eco-friendly form of courier service to their customers by shipping directly to the recipient. By doing so they are able to reduce the carbon footprint of the company as a whole with the aim to reduce the carbon footprint by 30% .

With more on-going projects looking at ways of further reducing the use of fuel, The Royale International Group shows their determination to make a difference and provide a greener courier service to the world. 

Friday, 7 October 2011

China Airlines Ltd. - Strategy and SWOT Report

China Airlines Ltd. - Strategy and SWOT Report, is a source of comprehensive company data and information. The report covers the company´s structure, operation, SWOT analysis, product and service offerings and corporate actions, providing a 360° view of the company. Read here....

Michael Shashoua: In Japan, Half Measures Don’t Pay

Foreign financial firms and service providers find time and again that taking part in the Tokyo market requires an “all in” strategy in data operations. Michael sees opportunity for those willing to make the leap.
The Tokyo securities markets’ resistance to outside participants and influences extends into the realm of market and reference data. This became apparent on listening to participants speaking at last month’s Tokyo Financial Information Summit sponsored by Inside Market Data and Inside Reference Data, and from speaking personally to some market professionals while in Tokyo for the conference. For full article read here......

Green Stamps

American chemical giant DuPont led the way when it announced plans in 2008 to base its global thin-film photovoltaic technology R&D and manufacturing centres in China. By 2009, DuPont Apollo had opened a new R&D facility at the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park, staffed by 100 scientists and engineers, and began production the following year at its manufacturing facility in Shenzhen. The establishment of the facilities was the first project under the “Shenzhen-Hong Kong Innovation Circle initiative,” which aims to establish Hong Kong and the southern Chinese mainland city of Shenzhen as dual hubs for sustainable technology. 
As focus on sustainable development grows in the region, other US clean-technology companies are keen to replicate DuPont Apollo’s success and introduce green technology to the booming Asian market. For more read full article here.......