Saturday, 31 December 2011

International Couriers Working Around the Clock for Your Business

The Royale International Group will be working throughout the New Year celebrations and on into 2012. Their services enable businesses to continue to serve their clients and customers wherever they may be. Reaching new customers is always the aim of companies looking to grow internationally, and the International logistics firm are ready and able to help.

Some of the popular services that go far beyond the usual overnight delivery service, although they offer that too, include:

  • Hand Carry
  • Next Flight Out
  • Domestic Courier Services
  • Warehouse, Logistics and Distribution Services
  • Bulk Mail, Publications and Financial Research Distribution
  • Special Timed Deliveries
  • Time Critical Services

These services are offered by the competent and experienced international couriers found at the Royale International Group. Their offices are open all year round, so while most of the world celebrates the New Year you can be sure that the couriers are continuing to work hard making sure all the shipments arrive in good time.

Find out more by visiting the website, contacting your local representative or calling the hotline which is open 24 hours a day.

Friday, 30 December 2011

Customer Service a Top Priority for International Couriers, The Royale International Group

The Royale International Group is an International Logistics firm with years of knowledge and experience on their side. Unlike many other couriers they are able to offer a transparent service to all their customers giving you total access to seeing your online material online at times to suit you. By doing so the Royale International Group allows you to provide an excellent customer service which is required all over the world to ensure customers keep coming back for more.

The International Courier providers also use a method of delivery which ensures your business is being given the fastest service possible. All of your deliveries will be taken from A to B in the fastest transit times. Yet another one of the bonuses which comes from using the expertise of the Royale International Group, and again one which not only benefits you, but also your customers down the line.

If you have any enquiries you can direct them towards your local sales rep. The Royale International Group provides an excellent customer service and will be happy to assist you in planning the simplest and most cost effective routes for your distribution needs.

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Tracking Your Shipments All Over the World

International Couriers make it their business to master all the newest infrastructures of new and developing markets all over the world. By doing so they are able to offer shipments to locations all over the world to their domestic and business clients who rely on their services daily. The Royale International Group have grown steadily since the 1980’s and now have offices all over the globe, which means you can trust them to cope with your shipments at any time and to any destination.

Once your shipment has been collected you can track the entire journey from start to finish. As you would expect from an international delivery service you have the option of checking online to see whereabouts the package is. If you prefer you can have the tracking details sent to your email. However, the Royale International Group understand that you might not have full Internet access all the time, so you can even use SMS tracking for when you are away from your home or office.

Speak to the expert couriers at the Royale International Group to find out more about shipment tracking and enquire about the multiple services offered from the huge International Logistics firm. 

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

A Simple and Speedy Overnight Delivery Service

Sometimes you need a simple overnight delivery service without the same urgency as next flight out services, or a personal hand carry delivery. In these circumstances it is still worth working with the best couriers, such as the Royale International Group.
Although the Royale International Group is able to handle urgent shipments to some of the newest markets around, they are also able to provide more typical services that you may expect from a courier. Whether you are a business customer or not you can call on the experts to deal with all your international parcel deliveries quickly and efficiently.

The Royale International Group is happy to provide a cost effective and fuel efficient overnight delivery service anywhere in the world. This typical service can be performed by road or by air and will be carefully planned so as not to waste fuel or cost you time. So wherever you want the parcels or packages delivered you can be sure they will arrive on time, without any hold ups.

Visit the Royale International Group website to find out more about the speedy delivery services offered to everyone. Check to see the latest special offers and see if you are able to make savings or receive a free gift such as the current USB drive being offered to customers who have shipments heading to Chile & Panama. 

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Christmas Deliveries from International Couriers

With Christmas celebrations still in full swing it can be a difficult time to organise last minute deliveries. The Royale International Group are experts in International Courier services and will be more than happy to help you with your shipments at any time of the year.

Planning the logistics of delivering items to multiple global destinations can be so difficult, especially when many firms are on holiday and many other delivery companies are taking a few days off. The Royale International Group is open and ready for business all year round. You can request information, book orders and arrange new shipments 365 days a year.

As 2011 comes to an end why not contact an established International Logistics company to help you provide the best customer and business to business services possible in 2012. Open an account today and make use of the multiple services available to everyone.

The Royale International Group offers express global delivery which can be customised to provide the optimum benefits to your business. Contact your local sales representative or call the hotline on +852 2218 588 to find out more. 

Friday, 23 December 2011

Hand Carry Couriers for Firms Breaking into Emerging Markets

Trying to convince new buyers to invest in your business is always easier if you can show them your products. This is not always easy, especially if you are trying to break into emerging markets which are thousands of miles away from your offices or warehouses. The Royale International Group can help.

Their hand carry service is ideal for companies who want to send important samples anywhere in the world. These samples can lead to new opportunities and help businesses grow into new and developing markets.

The Royale International Group offers a hand carry service which is fast and secure. A trained international courier will take your sample on the most appropriate flight and make sure it arrives safely on the other side. The sample is treated just the same as their very own luggage and therefore is well looked after throughout the journey.
If you think that your business could benefit by breaking into new markets contact the Royale International Group to discuss their excellent services designed with you in mind. 

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Choosing an International Delivery Service

Finding someone to trust with your business shipments can help you to save money, reduce the time that the international delivery service takes and build a higher level of customer service. The form you use for your shipments needs to be flexible and help you to satisfy all of your customers and keep your clients and colleagues happy too. This is no easy task.

If you are looking for a brand new overnight delivery service provider consider the Royale International Group. You will be joining forces with one of the leading couriers in the world who are able to help you move your business to pastures new.

If you are trying to break into emerging markets the advantages of using an international courier such as the Royale International Group can really speak for themselves. Instead of having to plan various legs of journeys simply place your order and wait for the shipment to be collected. Then follow your shipments online and watch as the experts transport your goods quickly and effectively. 

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Special Offers and Simple International Courier Services

Breaking into new areas can be great for businesses. There are always new customers and clients waiting for your services. If you think you have something which would be welcomed in a new emerging market it helps to work with international logistics providers who have established routes and methods of delivering shipments on time.

The Royale International Group are established international couriers and have knowledge of how to get parcels, packages and documents from point A to point B in the simplest way possible.  You can have the whole delivery taken care of, all there is for you to worry about is placing the order, but even that is easy. Just fill in an online form, call your sales rep or the hotline and arrange the items to be collected.

If you are going to be shipping items to Chile or Panama in the next month why not try and take advantage of the Royale International Group’s special offer. If you make ten shipments to business address in Chile or Panama you could be given a free USB drive. There is a limited stock available so talk to your sales rep today and see if you qualify for the special offer.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Hand Carry for Important Deliveries

Sometimes it is necessary to organise special shipments which need to arrive in a hurry and by hand. Businesses do not always have the resources to send one of their employees to another part of the world just to take the important item. This is when the Hand Carry service from the Royale International Group really comes into its own.

With the hand carry service your delivery will be taken on the most suitable flight out by one of the specially trained international couriers. They will personally accompany the shipment and it will be treated as part of their luggage on the whole journey. This service is especially useful if you are trying to break into emerging markets and a sample needs to be delivered in order to seal the deal.

The items or documents will then be delivered to the address by the hand carry courier. If you require this service contact the twenty four hour hotline on +852 2218 5888, visit the website or speak to your representative to find out more. 

Monday, 19 December 2011

Two Great Reasons to Choose the Royale International Group Couriers

There are many ways that the Royale International Group can help businesses reach out to the newest markets on a global scale. As an established international logistics company they have experience and powerful knowledge which enables you to ship your goods to anywhere in the world; even those areas where the infrastructure is new or still being completed.

There are two great reasons why it is worth choosing the Royale International Group for all of your international courier needs. These are firstly the fact that they focus on simplicity when making orders, tracking shipments and the services as a whole. By keeping things simply the time you need to set aside for shipments is greatly reduced.

Secondly you can be certain that all of your shipments will be delivered to their destination quickly. A speedy service not only means you are able to get your goods to any part of the world in a short space of time, it also means that the transportation methods use less carbon emissions than other firms. Your goods are sent directly without being taken to a warehouse first. For further information visit the website or talk to your local sales representative. 

Friday, 16 December 2011

The Royale International Freight Forwarding Agency (Shenzhen) Ltd Supports the Inter-Chamber Christmas Party 2011

The Royale International Freight Forwarding Agency (Shenzhen) Ltd proudly supported this year’s Inter-Chamber Christmas Party 2011 held last week on Dec 8th, 2011, with 6 free international courier shipments to either one of UK, France or Germany destination.

Over 400 chamber members and friends participated in the celebrations and networking event hosted by The British Chamber Commerce Guangdong in Guangzhou, French Chamber of Commerce and German Chambers of Commerce

They kicked off the celebrations with 40 children from the British School Choir singing Christmas carols and continued into the night with songs from the famed Benoit jazz band and closing off with various lucky draws.

Royale International Freight Forwarding Agency (Shenzhen) Ltd would like to congratulates all the winners and wish them all a Happy Holidays!  Log on to the British Chamber of Commerce’s webpage to learn more about the event, please click here

Urgent Deliveries and Time Critical Services on an International Scale

Organising a shipment in your own country can be a little tedious, even more so if you are the recipient. Having to stay in and wait for the delivery is somewhat frustrating, and when it is something of major importance it can cause all sorts of problems if the shipment arrives late. Sometime vital machine parts or documents need to be sent and delivered in a hurry and at times like these you need flexible international logistics services to get the job done.

Now imagine that you have to make sure something urgent was delivered to one of the more difficult international destinations which are still working on the infrastructures of their cities and towns. In these circumstances you may have to wait for several days or weeks to get the item delivered safely. The Royale International Group on the other hand has extensive knowledge and experience of delivering time critical goods anywhere in the world.

When you need something transported as a matter of urgency choose one of the excellent services offered by the international courier the Royale International Group. Hand carry, next flight out and time critical deliveries are ideal when time is of the essence. 

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Retailers Trying New Grounds with the Royale International Group

With the current economic climate many retailers are finding it hard to keep their businesses running. A good example of this can be found in the UK where high street stores and online retailers are already offering January Sales on their items just to try and increase sales. It is the same story in many countries so retailers have to try new developing markets in order to drum up more sales and keep the business open.

If you are a retailer who is branching out into emerging developing markets it is worth making sure you have all the logistics in place before you start to trade. The Royale International Group is experienced and confident that they are able to offer a quick international delivery service to all of the developing areas such as Africa, India and of course in Asia too.

The experienced International courier service will be able to help you budget for and arrange shipments to any area. Simply ask your local sales rep for a quote and they will do the hard work of mapping out the journey before letting you know the price. You can also fill in the online order form to find out the costs of their international logistics services. 

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Supporting Education and Schools

Education is important to the Royale International Group. The international logistics providers are able to offer generous discounts to the educational industries to help them get the most out of their tight budgets. There are all sorts of documents which need to be sent out, often on a daily basis and the bulk mail and distribution services provided by the independent couriers provides a reliable service to all.

The Royale International Group is also proud to give support to the local schools and communities.  One of the latest ways that they are working hard to help the vital education sector is by giving support to the King George V School. This Christmas the international couriers will be happily providing delivery support for the schools Christmas Carol and the Christmas fair project.

This event is in order to give support to the School Development Fund and also raise money for other charities which are supported by the students. Thanks to the hard work of the school they were able to complete a brand new kitchen for the Mercy House Orphanage this year and hopefully more projects will be successfully started and completed in 2012.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Pain Free International Logistics Services

Arranging new business contacts, suppliers and customers in a new part of the world can be a logistical nightmare. Not only do you need to build good relationships and build good communication you also need to make sure that you are able to deliver on your promises. A good international courier will be able to take the pain out of all the arrangements and make sure that your goods, parts and even your advertising materials arrive on time and in perfect condition.

The Royale International Group work hard to master précises, effective delivery no matter where in the world they are sent. If you need regular distribution of advertising materials they are able to provide this service, even in the emerging markets such as Africa, Asia and beyond. Furthermore their range of international courier service methods provides you with multiple options on how you want to have your goods delivered.

The Royale International Group will confidently provide you with the most up to date delivery information throughout the whole journey. You can find out where your packages are in real time by using online tracking, SMS and even via email. This gives you peace of mind even with the most sensitive of shipments. 

Monday, 12 December 2011

Royale Asia Give Their Support to the KGV Christmas Carols & Fair 2011

read more here

International Deliveries in Time for Christmas

With the last week of Christmas orders being made this week it is important to ensure that all your goods are delivered to your customers in time. If you have decided to break into a new market then it can be difficult to make sure everything is distributed in time if using your usual courier. It is times like these that the use of fully international logistics providers really comes in handy.

The Royale International Group is committed to working around the clock making sure that all orders are delivered on time. Whether they are packages needing to be sent to the UK, South Africa, India, Australia or Asia. With offices all over the globe it is simple to place your shipment order and have any goods you require sent to any destination.

For a simple overnight delivery service offered by the Royale International Group all you need to do is fill in the order form online, call the hotline or your local sales representative. From there you can have everything arranged in a short timeframe to get your order on the road, or in flight, as soon as possible. 

Friday, 9 December 2011

Excellent International Couriers Ready to Take Your Shipment

There are several emerging markets which can be very beneficial to all sorts of industries.  If you are looking to break into areas such as Brazil, India the Middle East and Pakistan you will need to consider the logistics of moving goods to and from these areas. Many couriers will not be able to cope with the international logistics, which is why you need to talk to the experts at the Royale International Group.

With offices located in many different global locations the international couriers at the Royale International Group are ready and waiting to take your order and help you with your distribution. There are many different services to choose from, such as air freight for large deliveries, overnight deliveries and even next flight out services which are ideal should you have a sample or vital part which needs to be in the right hands as soon as feasibly possible.

To find the best service offered by the Royale International Group will help your business move in new areas across the globe visit the website or call your local representative. There are many excellent ways that they will be able to meet your requirements and help move your flow of goods with ease. 

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Special Offer for New and Existing Customers

Many companies have been looking to bring in a new source of goods from emerging markets all over the world. Using new and improved infrastructures has many benefits for all sorts of industries. Whether you are looking to bring in new parts or supplies, or distribute your goods to a whole new market it pays to have the best international courier on your side.

The Royale International Group recognises that many businesses are reaching out to markets on a global scale in order to maximise profits. Right now they are running a special promotion for all of their customers, new and old, who are trying to distribute goods to either Chile or Panama.

This special offer is available to anyone looking to book ten or more shipments to these destinations. Anyone who meets the terms and conditions will receive a free Royale International Group USB drive. These useful USB drives are only available for a limited time and with limited stock available it is a case of first come, first served.

If you are looking to distribute your goods in new emerging markets in Chile or Panama why not take advantage of this fantastic offer from the international parcel delivery providers. 

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Be On the Look Out for New Possibilities

Sometimes it is better to look at streamlining your business rather than focusing on expansion. When you are dealing with the movement of goods, be it parts, produce or products you can find it is possible to save money which sees your turnover increase. It is far better to work on simplifying your company’s infrastructure before taking on bigger projects. This is the best base to help your business grow and international logistics plays a huge part in the streamlining process.

Improved Transportation Links

As many countries are expanding their trading routes by building or improving railways and airports the chance of making new more economical deals increase. Looking towards these new opportunities with the help of an international courier can be the answer your business has been looking for, by putting in place economically viable suppliers with quicker delivery times and cheaper costs.

The Royale International Group is experts in air freight and has years’ worth of experience transporting goods and documentation all over the world. With their services, speed and flexible distribution services your business can take advantage of the new emerging markets with ease. 

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Team Stories: Benjamin Goddard

Name: Benjamin Goddard
Job Title: Account Manager
Department: International Sales (Hong Kong)

Describe a time or situation in which you have provided value-added service to our customers, colleagues, department.
As for value added service to my clients I go beyond the call of duty every day, working my required hours in the office and then continuing to make myself available to my clients into the small hours of the morning, answering queries, quotations and any other issues that arise that need immediate attention.
Where necessary I aim to answer all emails from clients within five minutes of receiving them and I strive to instill this kind of attitude with all those I work with here in the International Team. This is just one way we can continue to be better than the rest, without it (and many other points of course) I feel we could become just another courier company. The margin for differentiating yourself from others in the industry is extremely thin. It's all well and good when things are going according to plan and everything is running smoothly but what separates us from our competitors in the industry is how we react as a company when things aren't going to plan, not running as smoothly as the client would like. It's about how we react to these situations that sets us apart.

What are your favourite things or what do you like to do outside of work?
After a recent addition to my family, spending time with my daughter Tallulah Rose has become my favourite past time. At 1 year and 4 months old she is now walking and has become extremely vocal. She is a joy to be around and has already made me a more rounded person in one year than I have become over the last 20 years and I am keen to improve everything I do for her benefit and future. Typically time away from work is spent with Tallulah and my wife. 

When not with the family I like to play football and have been doing so for the Royale Asia football team in HK. We have played in the local Amateur league for five years now, moving up from the fourth division to the first in four years; winning each division and finally beating the favourites in the final of the league cup.

Reading has also become a bigger part of my life after moving house as I now have to commute to work on the HK underground train system; giving me plenty of time to read. Some of the books I have thoroughly enjoyed this year include 'Tai Pan', 'The Noble House' and 'Gai Jin' by James Clavell which all give a wonderful insight into the birth of Hong Kong as a trading post. 'Papillion' by Henri Charriere, 'Kafka on the Shore' by Haruki Murakami and 'A Thousand Splendid Suns' by Khaled Hosseini have also been firm favourites.

What are your pet peeves or what annoys you outside work?
At the moment; bad social manners in public. Careless and ignorant Pollution.

What is your favourite expression or quote/proverb?
“When the seagulls follow the trawler, it is because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea”.

What do you like about your job at Royale?
The camaraderie we have in the company is one I have not seen matched in my time anywhere else. The company ethics have filtered down from point of conception to now becoming a major part in the working lives of everybody here at the company. On top of that our HR department also deserves a special mention. Their door is always open; they make every staff member feel as though they have a place in the company and are constantly striving to help staff members to better themselves in terms of personal development and support.

Contact details
Tel: (852) 9151 0301

Royale International Group Discounts

For businesses, Universities and schools it is vital to use a trusted international logistics firm for all mail distributions. There are a lot of documents and printed materials which need to be sent out from application forms and prospectuses to newsletters. This material may need to be distributed to various destinations all over the world, and saving money on these essential costs can make a huge difference to the budget of the organisation.

The Royale International Group offer excellent discounts to anyone in the education sector. The distribution times will not suffer due to the discounted tariffs, in fact the international couriers offer some of the fastest delivery times offered by couriers. They offer flexible point to point shipping which gives you speed and overs the most efficient and tailored international delivery service possible.

Contact the Royale International Group to find fantastic prices on all shipments which are available on a global scale. As always you can expect superior customer service and you will be able to place your shipment orders seven days a week, 365 days a year at all of the office locations. 

Monday, 5 December 2011

Use International Logistics to Expand Your Business

As a supplier it is always worth hunting down the best and most affordable stock to offer to your customers. Sometimes that involves dealing with foreign markets where you may have little knowledge or experience. At times like these it is better to use trusted international couriers who are able to share their experiences with you and make sure that you are able to get your hands on the right products in the best possible time frame.

The Royale International Group have been specialising in logistics since the early 1980’s. They have offices in many countries in the world and are able to transport your goods, or deliver your orders to you from anywhere in the world.

Asia, India and Africa are just three areas which are becoming more valued in trade than ever before. If you are looking to source need supplies or expand your business but your faith in the overnight delivery service offered by the experts. You are able to have your orders satisfied in a timely fashion with excellent point to point services which not only speeds up the courier service, it also cuts down on the carbon emissions for each delivery undertaken by the Royale International Group

Friday, 2 December 2011

International Logistics Benefiting Emerging Markets

The state of the economy can often be judged by how well the international logistics firms are performing. If the logistics firms are thriving, it is a good indication that many goods are being consumed. This is because companies such as the Royale International Group play an important role in the business world. Emerging markets can be given a boost by sourcing cheaper products from different parts of the world and selling them on for a profit. Therefore the role of the courier is vital as someone needs to get the products from A to B effectively.

Accessing new and cost effective markets is possible if you choose to work with a reliable international logistics provider. The Royale International Group is able to work with you to offer you the best services possible at the best prices.  That way the businesses are able to find the cheapest resources and ship them over without the cost eating into the potential profits.

The Royale International Group is able to help companies of all shapes and sizes to come up with suitable methods of transportation. Within minutes of placing your shipment request your order will be looked at and processed and a simple plan set in motion. Leave the planning to the experts while you concentrate on other areas which require your attention.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Santa Gets a Helping Hand with International Couriers

The world is not as big as it once was. Now with the use of the Internet, social networking and faster travel it is possible to stay in touch with everyone, no matter where in the world they might be.  International logistics firms such as the Royale International Group are also one of the reasons why the world no longer seems as big as it once did.

It is important to make sure when sorting out your Christmas shopping how long you have to make sure all your parcels arrive in time for the big day. Although it is possible to book time critical courier services and even night flights out with careful planning you only need organise an international parcel delivery service.

The Royale International Group is one of the best international courier providers in the world. This is down to their simple services and quick delivery times which are possible thanks to their excellent planning, top notch customer service and point to point deliveries to all destinations.

So when you have all your Christmas presents at the ready to be delivered to multiple worldwide destinations call your local sales representative or visit the Royale International Group website and place your shipment order.