Saturday, 31 December 2011

International Couriers Working Around the Clock for Your Business

The Royale International Group will be working throughout the New Year celebrations and on into 2012. Their services enable businesses to continue to serve their clients and customers wherever they may be. Reaching new customers is always the aim of companies looking to grow internationally, and the International logistics firm are ready and able to help.

Some of the popular services that go far beyond the usual overnight delivery service, although they offer that too, include:

  • Hand Carry
  • Next Flight Out
  • Domestic Courier Services
  • Warehouse, Logistics and Distribution Services
  • Bulk Mail, Publications and Financial Research Distribution
  • Special Timed Deliveries
  • Time Critical Services

These services are offered by the competent and experienced international couriers found at the Royale International Group. Their offices are open all year round, so while most of the world celebrates the New Year you can be sure that the couriers are continuing to work hard making sure all the shipments arrive in good time.

Find out more by visiting the website, contacting your local representative or calling the hotline which is open 24 hours a day.

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