Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Special Offers and Simple International Courier Services

Breaking into new areas can be great for businesses. There are always new customers and clients waiting for your services. If you think you have something which would be welcomed in a new emerging market it helps to work with international logistics providers who have established routes and methods of delivering shipments on time.

The Royale International Group are established international couriers and have knowledge of how to get parcels, packages and documents from point A to point B in the simplest way possible.  You can have the whole delivery taken care of, all there is for you to worry about is placing the order, but even that is easy. Just fill in an online form, call your sales rep or the hotline and arrange the items to be collected.

If you are going to be shipping items to Chile or Panama in the next month why not try and take advantage of the Royale International Group’s special offer. If you make ten shipments to business address in Chile or Panama you could be given a free USB drive. There is a limited stock available so talk to your sales rep today and see if you qualify for the special offer.

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