Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Multiple Services from Leading International Couriers

The Royale International Group has some excellent services available to all their customers, new and old. If you are new to the international logistics experts here is a list of all of the services that are available.

With each of the services you can expect the fastest transit times, full tracking and excellent customer services. Tracking is able to be performed online, via email or straight to your handset using SMS.

The International couriers provide the following:
  • Hand carry
  • Next flight out
  • Time critical deliveries
  • Domestic  and international courier
  • Overnight delivery service
  • Air freight
  • Warehouse, logistics and distribution
  • Bulk mail, publications and research
The Royale International Group will try to tailor any service to your specific requirements. Use the website to request a quote for your chosen service or contact your local sales representative for more information. 

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Royale International - Delivering Your Air Freight Shipments Faster

The Royale International Group has been in the business of international logistics for more than twenty years. In that time they have expanded steadily and now have multiple offices all over the world. One of the reasons why they are considered to be one of the leaders in Hong Kong is due to their extensive network and fast delivery times which helps businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to the Fortune 500 companies, operate without holdups of important shipments getting in the way.
When you place an order with the overnight delivery couriers you can expect to receive a fast service because of the delivery method which is in place for all shipments. Whether you are using shipping by air or by road the order will be collected and sent immediately to the destination. There is no stopping off at distribution warehouses which costs time and fuel. Instead your order goes directly saving you money and ensuring the fastest delivery times.
Track your orders online using the simple system at any time so you know the exact position of your shipments at any given time. Find out more about the point to point delivery and Royale International Group by checking out the website today.

Stay Informed with the Leaders in International Logistics

With International Logistics companies it can be very hard to know where your shipments are, what delays might be occurring and if they are on target to arrive on time. When you have urgent deliveries not knowing this type of information can be frustrating, especially if you have clients on the other end wanting to know what is happening with their order.
The Royale International Group is always willing to let their customers know exactly what is happening with their shipments. You can do this in a few ways. Firstly you can check the website for updates in the news section. Here you will b able to learn about any possible strike action, delays caused by weather as well as news on latest events and extended promotions.
Secondly with all of the services the international couriers provide full trace and tracking services so you can check in at any time and see whereabouts the shipment is on the journey to its final destination. Track your parcels on the internet through the login page on the Royale International Group website, or find out about the progress via SMS or email.

If you are interested in any special offers check the site on the special routes section or give your local representative a quick call.


Friday, 24 February 2012

Royale International Working Harder so You Don’t Have to

We understand that a large majority of our clients have a huge workload. The last thing you want is to be held up by waiting for your shipments to be sent out, picking and packing and trying to keep on top of the warehouse when more pressing issues need constantly addressing. This is why the Royale International Group is able to offer you a complete service including complete warehouse, logistics and distribution services.
Our extensive warehouses can be used by you and our employees ready to help you with all parts of your international logistics requirements. The Royale International Group provides secure warehouses and the picking and packing of your shipments. Along with low cost road and air freight shipping services the logistics leaders also provide real time monitoring for you which is available throughout the whole life cycle of your inventory.
When choosing the overnight delivery service providers you will not need to spend chasing up details on your shipments and trying to work out if everything is heading out on time. The tracking can be done anytime via the Internet, email and even SMS, whether you need to make use of the warehouse distribution or not. 

New Rates for Door to Door Solutions Between Australia and South Africa

The Royale International Group has been providing customised, one stop integrated courier solutions since its foundation in the early1980s. We have expanded to become one of the largest independent express companies in the region due to our faster transit times and international coverage.

We strive to be the partner of choice for our customers, offering them innovative and one stop expert services. We create solutions to improve the quality of the our partner’s performance. Our team of logistic experts are here to help you 24 hours a day/365 days in finding the best solutions and to ensure your deliveries are hassle-free from start to finish. Our network enables us to pick up from and deliver to anywhere in the world – quickly, professionally and efficiently; as a result, your business can benefit from the faster turnaround times and reduced storage costs.

For our special offer rates between Australia and South Africa contact your local sales reps - details can be found at

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Another Excellent Overnight Delivery Special Offer

The Royale International Group has introduced a new special offer for overnight deliveries. This offer includes amazing savings in shipments heading out of Hong Kong and destined for Cape Town, Durban or Johannesburg.  The South African special offer means that you can save money on your usual deliveries with prices starting from as little as HK$120.
As shipments heading out of Hong Kong to South Africa usually take two days it is worth noting that for a small additional charge it is possible to have your shipments headed to Cape Town arrives the following day using the International couriers’ overnight delivery service.  You still receive an excellent deal and can make great savings on your usual international logistics services.
This is one of the latest special offers to be announced from the Royale International Group along with the great deals currently available for overnight deliveries from Hong Kong to Australia.  You can keep up to date with all of the current offers by checking out the special offers tab on the Royale International website. Alternatively give your local representative a call and ask about any savings you could make on your next shipment. 

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Special Offer from the International Logistics Leaders in Hong Kong

Everyone likes to save money and receive great deals from time to time. In business great deals can mean higher profits for you and better deals for your customers too. International logistics offers from the Royale International Group come in many different forms from free gifts to deals on deliveries.
One of the latest deals which came in back in January 2012 is the great deal currently available on overnight delivery services from Hong Kong to Australia. This covers Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne and the prices start from as little as HK$100. With these great savings you can still expect the best customer service and fastest transit times thanks to the point to point method of delivery.
If you are shipping to Melbourne it is necessary to have your order collected before 12pm in order for overnight delivery to be applicable. Packages and parcels collected after 12pm will take two days to arrive however with such great prices you can still save a bundle on your normal courier services heading from Hong Kong to Australia.
As with any of the courier services provided by the Royale International Group you will also be able to trace and track your shipments online. For further information on this special offer and to read the terms and conditions check out the Royale International website today. 

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Saving Time with Excellent Online Services

Let’s face it, finding the time to go and organise your shipping at one of our local offices can be impossible. Even having the spare five minutes to pick up a hone to book your order or request a quote can be a push on some days. This is why the Royale International Group have provided their customers and anyone looking into using their international logistics services for the first time with top quality online facilities.
If you have an order to place you can do so via the Royale International Group website. The simple form takes a few minutes to fill out, and will still be there if you get interrupted by a colleague or an important phone call which requires your attention.  Just fill in the form and you will quickly find a reply in your inbox with a quote.
Online trace and tracking is also designed for the busy business men and women. Once your packages have been sent off with the international courier you can login to online tracking via the website too. This allows you to check the progress at any time and provides you with a way of making sure your targets will be met on time. 

Monday, 20 February 2012

Online Tools Making International Logistics Services Easier

One of the ways that the Royale International Group aims to help their customers with their international logistics is by providing many free tools. These tools can be found directly on the website and have been designed to make the whole process of arranging shipments and booking orders as simple as possible.
By visiting the website you are able to find several tools which are free for you to use. The Royale International Group has some great features on their website including:
A volumetric weight tool will help you to determine the density of the package or packages you want to be shipped. The weights involved may reflect on the cost of the service you choose, and the more it weighs the more you can save on your international courier services.
Currency Converter
The world clock
Worldwide public holiday details
The international direct dialling code
Online Air Waybill printing facilities
E-billing and your account
Ordering supplies
These tools are in addition to the free track and trace services which allow you to have live updates on the position of your shipments at any time. Call your local sales representative or visit the Royale International Group website for further information.


Friday, 17 February 2012

Domestic Deliveries from the Royale International Group

In business it is important to treat your domestic customers with the same respect as your international ones. Although the Royale International Group are well-known for their incredible international logistic services it is also worth noting that they also provide domestic courier services which are cost effective and delivered with the same urgency and respect as any of the other shipment options.
There are various domestic shipping options available to you whether you are distributing goods to commercial or residential addresses. Each of the following services includes free online trace and tracking facilities, or you could have your updates sent straight to your email on request, or mobile device via SMS.  The domestic courier services include:

Weekend/public holidays and after hours special service
Whether you require frequent or one off deliveries organised domestically or internationally you can contact the Royale International Group to receive an excellent service, the fastest transit times and cost effective logistics solutions for all of your needs. Visit the website or contact your local sales representative to find out more.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Only a Few Weeks Left to Claim Your Free USB

One of the long running special offers which started back in October 2011 is almost coming to an end. If you are making regular shipments to either Chile or Panama it is worth contacting the leaders in international logistics and asking about the free USB drive offer which is coming to an end on March 28th 2012.
The Royale International Group likes to reward their customers, old and new by offering incentives for using their international courier services. The free USB drive is available to anyone making at least ten shipments to Chile or Panama while supplies on the USB drive lasts. If you make a shipment to commercial addresses in the specified areas you will be able to track the progress online, by email or even by SMS just as you would with any of the other courier services that the group provides.
Once you have completed the ten shipments you will be able to redeem the offer and a USB drive will be awarded to you. If you are interested in other special offers it is worth checking out the website on a regular basis or contacting your local sales representative. There are many great deals on international shipments and economy packages now available too.  

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Need an Order to Arrive Right On Time? Not a Problem..

Special timed deliveries provided by the Royale International Group are the perfect solution when you have to have an item, whatever it may be, delivered somewhere in the world by a set time. This is one of the serves provided by the International Logistics group which really separates them from the rest of their competitors.
The Royale International Group has built-up a network all over the world which has been increasing year after year since the 1980’s. It is down to this network and the hard work of the team that the international couriers are able to make sure your important packages or documents can arrive on time, anywhere in the world.
While your delivery is in progress you are able to use the online tracking service to ensure everything is on track. Your package will be tailored to your needs and with the faster turnaround times, direct deliveries and the time specific guaranteed you can rest assured that your shipments are in great hands. 

By Email, Online or Straight to Your Phone?

If you are spending out to have items picked up and delivered to your work premises you will want to be informed on the progress from start to finish. It doesn’t matter if the item is parts for your production team, vital samples from potential suppliers or important documents from colleagues, you will still want the option of tracking the progress of the courier throughout the delivery. Even if you never use it, knowing it is there can provide peace of mind.
The Royale International Group provides many different ways for you to track and trace your shipments whether you are exporting or importing. To track the progress you have several options and the one you choose to use will depend on your preferences and your activities during the day that the delivery is due.
The International Logistics company allows you to login to your online account and view the progress directly on your laptop or PC screen. You can also quickly send an email to the Royale International Group team and be sent an update on the journey.
Finally you can always request the information to be sent directly to your phone if you are away from the office. Contact your local representative to find out more about the international courier services on offer and how you can trace the progress of each delivery. 

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Royale International Bulk Mail Services

One of the excellent facilities provided to the Royale International Group to large businesses and corporations is the bulk mail service. Distribution can be a time consuming job which can quickly become a logistical nightmare. Staying on top of the various methods required to get your bulk mail from point A to point B in good time takes an established management system, which is what the Royale International Group has.
If you are marketing on a domestic or global scale why not get in touch with the international logistics experts today and discuss the competitive rates and the tailor-made services which are designed to work perfectly for your demands. The bulk mail service incudes the distribution of:
·         Periodicals
·         Catalogues
·         Corporate materials
·         Direct marketing
All of this mail can be managed on your behalf and distributed on time using a whole combination of:
·         Hand carry delivery
·         Postal
·         Direct Injection
You can use a simple distribution upload facility to make life easier and leave the rest of the work to the Royale International Group. To find out more visit the website or your local offices today. 

Friday, 10 February 2012

Stay Up-To-Date on the Latest Developments

We have been focusing on the excellent trace and tracking all month which help you to keep an eye on all of your shipments in a variety of ways. Sometimes there are developments in the world which mean that due to circumstances beyond the control of the international couriers delays are inevitable. Tracking your shipments is a good way of seeing if and how your order has been affected.

If you are a regular account holder of the Royale International Group, or using the service for the first time it is worth keeping an eye on the news section of the website to see if there are any situations causing possible delays. The news is frequently updated and it can prepare you in advance for any potential delays caused by problems such as adverse weather conditions in certain areas of the world or planned strike action. You can also find out more about situations if you decide to place your order over the phone or with your local representative.

It is the aim of the Royale International Group to ensure you are left satisfied with the service which means having items arrive on time. International Logistics can be affected by all sorts of problems but the couriers will never leave you in the dark. This is achieved with high tech tracking facilities, an up to date website and representatives ready to contact you to make you aware of any possible delays.  

The couriers will do everything possible to avoid the problems with careful planning and their knowledge of the areas, so in most cases you will find that shipment times as planned are completely successful. 

Wide Range of International Courier Services All With the Best Customer Service

The Royale International Group offer many different types of services. If you are looking for a flexible international logistics firm with a well-established company, worldwide offices and excellent customer service then it is worth visiting the website and finding out more about how the couriers are able to assist you with your distribution requirements.

With each of our services you can expect the same level of commitment and service. It makes no difference if you are making a single order or have multiple shipments planned. All of the orders placed with the Royale International Group can be tracked in various ways to ensure that you are able to keep an eye on the progress and keep your customers fully satisfied.

Some of the services which are currently available include:

  • Hand Carry – Next Flight Out
  • Overnight Delivery
  • Air Freight services
  • Warehouse and Distribution services
  • Bulk Mail, Publications and Financial Research Distribution Services
  • Special Timed Deliveries
  • International Courier Service

Expect the best service possible and contact the Royale International Group today to find out how they are ready to help you. 

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Weather Causing Disruptions for Couriers

The current big freeze which is affecting large parts of Europe has caused several transportation issues. Flights have been cancelled at some of the major airports such as Heathrow in London, the roads are treacherous and the met office has released many warnings about ice and freezing fog making any type of travel difficult.
The bad news is there is more bad weather to come. Unfortunately disruption caused by Mother Nature herself can be difficult to get around. The Royale International Group do all that is possible to ensure all the shipments and orders arrive on time but sometimes despite all the best intentions and contingency planning problems do arise.
International Logistics can be seriously affected by the weather, and when roads are closed and flights cancelled there are unfortunate delays in deliveries. However, the Royale International Group do all that is possible to ensure that you are kept up to date with the latest information in order to help you continue to provide the best customer service possible.
Hong Kong's Leading Couriers Won't Leave You in the Dark
Check on the progress of your European orders by using the overnight delivery service providers tracking facilities. In addition to the tracking services the Royale International Group will update their clients with notifications about any issues as they arise. If you have concerns about your shipments contact your local office for further information.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

International Logistics Making the World Smaller

With the Euro economic crisis still threatening a global recession it is worth remembering that it is possible to source your goods and equipment at a reduced rate by importing from overseas. By using international logistics services you can find the products you need for your business at reduced rates as suppliers in Europe work hard to attract new clients and push through greatly discounted sales.

China saw an increase in demand for consumer products thanks to the holiday season which was a welcomed sign. Food and drinks were one of the stronger areas although exporting goods still remained rather weak. The Chinese New Year certainly saw a good response in consumer spending and it is hoped that this is a good sign of things to come.

If you are looking to cut back on spending exporting consumer goods and products is always worth investigating. Thanks to international couriers such as the Royale International Group you only need to tell the couriers when and where leaving the complicated arrangement of the shipment to the experienced experts.

Throughout the journey you can track each shipment with ease helping you to plan on the other end. To enquire about using the Royale International Group to organise your imports contact the sales team or your local representative for further assistance. 

Monday, 6 February 2012

Team Stories: Penny Shum

Name: Penny Shum 
Job Title: Customer Service Supervisor
Department: Customer Services

Describe a time or situation in which you have provided value-added service to our customers, colleagues, department.
The Nesat T8 Typhoon had just happened on the Thursday and we had more than 1100 pick up orders for the next day - a record for the last 12 months. The traffic was extremely bad. As you can imagine all our clients came back to work after T8 and everything had to be sent out before the weekend. Customer Service had an important role explaining the situation to the clients. The Friday night was a very busy night - lots of incoming calls for hold shipments, return shipments, Saturday special deliveries, etc. The Operations Team and Dispatch Team were cooperating with us closely all night long.

What are your favourite things or what do you like to do outside of work?
Play basketball on Friday night and dine out with friends or colleagues on the weekend. I’d love to go travelling overseas once every year.

What are your pet peeves or what annoys you outside work?
It annoys me when an old person has to stand on the train or bus because no younger people have offered them a seat.

What is your favourite expression or quote/proverb?
"I was born to try". (It is from a song by one of my favourite singers - Delta Goodrem)

What do you like about your job at Royale?
The part I like the most is that we get a lot of support from other departments and overseas offices. The longer we work together the more we share together. It is always interesting when we go out and talk outside of work.

Contact details

International Logistics Firms Providing You with Everything You Need

When you are relying on international couriers to help your business be successful it is important to pair up with the right one. The last thing you want is to have large amounts of complaints relating to poor packaging, late arrivals and lack of information. This is why the Royale International Group makes sure they are able to provide you with everything you need in order to keep all your customers, be they business to business or business to consumers, happy with your service and willing to deal with you again.

The international logistic giants are more than happy to supply you with packing materials if required. You can order your necessary supplies via email or by telephone which include shipping cartons of various sizes, plastic pouches, document envelopes and portable easy packs.

Another benefit of choosing the Royale International Group is the trace and tracking services which are provided as part of the order. You are able to use online tracking, request tracking news via email or even have the details sent directly to your mobile device. Having the latest news on the positioning of the shipment helps you to keep your customers happy with the level of service they are receiving. 

Friday, 3 February 2012

Special Offer Round Up from International Logistics Leader

If you are looking for great deals and a great International Logistics company to team up with then you might like to check out some of the latest special offers from the Royale International Group. There are various deals which are designed to save you money and bring you the best service possible for the logistic leaders. Read on to find the right deal for your company:
  1. Overnight Delivery Routes from Hong Kong to South Africa including Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg starting from just HK$120.
  2. Overnightdelivery services to Australia from Hong Kong special offer began in January 2012. The Australian promo includes delivery to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and the prices start from as little as HK$100.
  3. Save 40% off your air freight shipments from Hong Kong to Australia with the new economy service from the Royale International Group.
  4. Free USB drive which runs out on 28 March 2012 (or until the limited 100 USB drives run out) for customers sending ten shipments or more to Chile or Panama.

You can find out about the various terms and conditions surrounding these multiple special offers and more by visiting the Royale International Group website and clicking on the Special Offers tab. Alternatively give your local sales representative a call.

Email the Royale International Group and Track Your Order with Ease

This week we have touched on the benefits of having various tracking methods. The International couriers, Royale International Group are known for their excellent customer service and one of the reasons for this is the variety of tracking methods which is available to their customers.

We have spoken about two of these in a little more detail already, those bing via the website and using the SMS service. If you would like to know of another way then you will be pleased to know that you can send an email and find out all you need to know on the progress of any of your orders.

Once you have placed an order and had it collected the parcel is immediately sent on the journey. This is because the international logistics firm do not like to waste fuel taking items to a warehouse before distributing it on another vehicle. Therefore once your shipment is on the road you will be able to send the Royale International Group a quick email and see how far along on the journey it is.

If you want to visit the website you can quickly email the couriers via the site. There is an email button on the site which automatically opens your email with the address already entered in the address bar. It’s fast and simple and just one more way of tracing all of your orders with ease.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Trace Your Shipments with Ease

Online tracking is often available through international logistics website these days but what can you do if you are not at your desk? One of the ways that the Royale International Group aim to satisfy their clients when it comes to trace and tracking is by having various methods of tracking available besides using the Internet.

If you are out on a business meeting or awy from your office for any reason you may still wish to keep an eye on your shipments. To help you do this the Royale International Group now offers SMS tracking. Have your details sent directly to your phone and stay up to date on the progress of each of your orders. You are able to provide an excellent customer service thanks to this information, or simply use it to plan your day around the arrival of an important delivery.

The international courier service provided by the Royale International Group is one which you can always rely on. With offices all over the world and an extensive global reach you are able to distribute and track your shipments all over the world. Contact your local sales representative or visit the website for further information.