Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Customs and International Logistics

When you are shipping orders to various parts of the world you will need to understand a little bit about customs and what that means to you. Royale International will help you to make sure all of your orders are ready to ship, but you may be concerned about pricing and your duties. 
To help you with your international courier shipments here are some basic facts to consider:

Duties and Taxes - These are subject to the value of the items which are included in dutiable shipments. They are assigned by the World Customs Organisation and they are in place to help protect local industries against competition from overseas. The data collected from your commercial invoices and waybill required when using international couriers is used to work out what your duties and taxes are. If you don't pay the taxes and duties your shipments are held by customs so it is important to include all the relevant information and documents with every order.

Who Has to Make the Payment? - Either the sender of the goods or the person receiving the goods will need to make the payment. It is the policy of the Royale International Group to bill the client and or the receiver of the goods for the cost of the duties and taxes that any shipment incurs.

If you have any questions please contact your local sales representative or visit the Royale International Group website for more help and advice.  

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