Saturday, 14 April 2012

Hand Carry with On Board Couriers

Hand carry is a specialist service offered by established international logistics companies. The couriers who work on hand carry jobs are able to treat your important package as if it was their own luggage. This is the perfect service to request for those important packages that you wish to be hand delivered to any location in the world.
If you want to have your package delivered as quickly as possible you can contact the sales team at Royale International and request the hand carry service. They will be able to arrange a flight on the next service available heading to where you need the package to go. The specialist on board couriers then collect your package and take it straight to the airport. By cutting out the distribution centre your package is sent immediately, ensuring a fast delivery time and reducing your costs and fuel wastage too.
The hand carry service is ideal for urgent deliveries, important documents, samples and important components. You can use it in conjunction with the next flight out service. An alternative service is the time critical service which aims to have your shipments delivered in the shortest possible time frame. To find out more about hand carry, next flight out and time critical services speak to your local sales rep at Royale International

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