Saturday, 28 April 2012

Packing Tips When Using International Couriers

There are some simple dos and don'ts to follow when you are shipping off goods all over the world using international couriers. By checking the packaging is suitable you can help to reduce the risk of damage and help to ensure the objects inside the packages arrive in a good condition. Here are some simple dos and don'ts to help you package your orders up effectively.


  • Use good quality packaging materials, the Royale International Group are able to supply excellent materials and you can order online or over the phone.
  • Use the right sized boxes so that they are not overfull or have too much room in them. Pack up the objects with bubble wrap or another suitable material to help prevent damage and movement.
  • Fragile objects must be protected and placed in the centre of the box where they can be surrounded by softer objects. 
  • Add the full address and ensure you have completed all the relevant documents.
  • Ensure the packaging is suitable for the objects you are delivering.
  • Reusing packaging is advisable providing it is in good condition and you can remove all previous labels. 

  • Forget to protect the objects with suitable packing materials inside the boxes.
  • Use ropes to close your boxes
If you require any packaging material you can contact the international couriers, Royale International and have your packaging sent within a couple of days.

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