Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Saving Money on Domestic Courier Services

The Royale International Group are considered to be one of the leaders in International Logistics in Hong Kong. What isn't as widely known is that besides their excellent international courier services, they are also able to provide affordable domestic services including same day deliveries. 

If you are looking to reduce the cost of bulk road shipments or have one of packages that need delivering quickly it is worth checking out how Royale International are able to customise their domestic services in order to accommodate you and your business. 

Domestic services include a variety of different services and benefits, not least being the affordable price of this speedy service. You have the choice of using a standard overnight service, same day, road freight and special early morning services. Also available are weekend and after hours services, in fact you can have your order delivered on public holidays if you need. 

For more information on customised domestic courier services contact your local the Royale International Group office or sales representative today. 

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