Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Working Together to Save You Money

With excellent international overnight deliveries it is possible to save money thanks to the logistics in place provided by the Royale International Group. With routes designed to cut down on fuel usage, online management systems and offices located all over the world it is possible to reduce your costs and achieve a higher level of service than you may have experienced in the past.
Point to point overnight deliveries help to reduce the amount of fuel being used by your courier.  This is possible because the Royale International don’t take shipments to a dispatch centre after they have been collected. Instead the courier picks up up the order and takes it directly on its journey. This method is used no matter what type of international logistics service you take such as domestic services and air freight.
By using established logistic services from Royale International will help you to save money. Contact your local sales representative for more information about the available customisable logistics solutions. 

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