Wednesday, 8 August 2012

International Couriers Going Green

Many businesses are aiming to reduce their impact on the environment and the Royale International Group is no different.  When you choose to partner up with the Hong Kong leaders in International Logistics you can be sure that you are using a company who takes their environmental responsibilities seriously.  

The Royale International has cut out the hub system choosing to make sure all shipments are sent directly to their destination in order to reduce air and road mileage.  This alone reduces the amount of fuel required for each and every order and it also benefits the customer who can enjoy faster transit times thanks to the direct route.

If you would like to make your shipments greener there are a few things you can do.  A great place to start is by minimising the amount of packaging you use for each shipment, and making sure the packing materials can be recycled or reused to reduce the amount of waste produced.  If you need to fill up your international courier packages in order to protect the contents insure the fillers are sustainable and that you still only use the appropriate sized packing materials for the size of the order.

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  1. Yes totally agree!

    Appropricate packaging is neccesscary especially for small items. If a green protective measure is well implement, there wont be any incident such as the plastic pellets spilled off Hong Kong during Typhoon Vicente.