Monday, 31 December 2012

How Does a Warehouse Add Value - Part Three

Today is the final day in our series concentrating on how warehouses can be used to add value to your business. The following three methods are perfect for the fast processing of goods.

1. Mixing Products

royale international When using a distribution centre it is possible to combine items across the entire product line. The customers are able to select what products are placed in their order and the complete line of products sold can be stored and managed from one location; reducing the need for multiple storage options and complicated logistics. The products are housed close the customers and can be distributed using a decentralised system.

2. Crossdocking

Crossdocking takes away the need for double handling goods. Vans pull up to the warehouse, are emptied of their products and refilled with new items that will be distributed. This option reduces problems with inventory storage and provides a total flow through system. It needs automated materials handling equipment and systems that allow floor ready pallets to be picked and packed for specific stores.

3. Flow Through

Flow through, a similar process to crossdocking, is perfect for fast moving operations. The warehouse is used to store low amounts of products, such as day to day or week to week. The goods arrive and are measured and processed quickly. This provides options to add value and work through the processes such as storing for a couple of days, adding value, picking and processing.

Royale International provides flexible warehouse distribution services for our customers; contact our team to find out more.

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