Monday, 17 December 2012

Team Stories: Aimee Jiang

Name: Aimee Jiang
Job Title: Account Manager
Department: Time Critical Department

Describe a time or situation in which you have provided value-added service to our customers, colleagues, department, etc?
I like meeting new people, and some of my best friends are actually previous clients - I have very good relationships with them. I think my job provides a very good opportunity to meet more people and make more friends so I enjoy doing it. I like bringing people together.

I also like to have more than just a working relationship with colleagues, we treat each other as good friends. Whenever and whatever they need help with, I'm happy to assist. I like to share breakfast with them before work and sometimes we have tea together. We're just like a family.

What are your favourite things or what do you like to do outside of work?
I have lots of hobbies and I'm full of curiosity for activities I haven't tried yet. I like to try any activities - Sometimes I go climbing, biking, driving, swimming, shopping and so on (of course it's easier to do all of these things when I've just been paid). I've realised that with all of these hobbies I have less and less time for other pursuits but I feel as though I live a colorful life.

Thanks to my job I'm now in the habit of checking my emails and messages any time, no matter what I'm doing - having lunch, out walking or even before bed, I still check whether there are any urgent deliveries that need my attention.

What are your pet peeves or what annoys you outside work?
I have a few pet peeves outside work:

  • In Summer the weather is so hot I always overheat. What’s worse, it ruins my make-up - especially after a long distant visit.
  • I have to be careful of thieves on the bus. The buses are crowded and if I lost my mobile phone or wallet you can imagine how bad it would be if I were far from home at the time.
  • Sometimes when you're out walking and talking on the phone there are a few rude drivers who blast their horn suddenly when you're crossing the road, that is quite scary and shocks me when it happens.
  • I have been asked on a date by clients before, which can be awkward. You have to find a reason to put them off and I find the best excuse is that I’m already in relationship, it’s very useful.
What is your favourite expression or quote/proverb?
"Yes, I’m crazy, because I believe that nothing is impossible to a willing heart"

What do you like about your job at Royale?
I have been working at Royale for about 5 years and I can still remember getting my account manager position in the Time Critical department. I had just graduated from college and knew nothing about express deliveries at the time, so I really appreciate the opportunity that Royale gave me.

I enjoy working here. Within 5 years I have not only learned about international logistics, I have learned how to be a good salesperson and how to be a trustworthy friend to our clients. I chose a sales position because of my personality - I like to talk to different people and learn from them. Salespeople have to face many different types of customer, each one of them has their own characteristics and it's important to know how to deal with different personalities in order to be successful.

I'm always cheerful when I make lots of sales and I think we provide an extremely necessary service in the current market. Of course, sometimes we don't make as many sales as we would want but it's a constant learning process, reviewing the way we approach our job and trying to improve our own skills. As we were taught - when you sell your service or products, you are also selling yourself as a person. I will remember this all my life.

The most important thing is that people here are just like a family. Everyone gives you their help whenever you need it. We trust each other, help each other, share experiences, make progress together and this is all comes from a long tradition of the Royale culture.

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