Monday, 11 March 2013

BT Outward Bound Adventure Race 2013

It was an early start on Sunday as four intrepid adventurers from Royale International gathered in Causeway Bay for the 0715am registration of the 2013 Outward Bound Adventure  Race. The team comprised of John Fawcett, Dean Locke, Wayne Griffiths and Philip Murton, set off on the gun at 0800 on a 15.5km course that was undisclosed to competitors prior. Following blue ribbons placed along the route the race started with a run up to Tai Hang Road before heading into the foliage and climbing up a river gorge in Tai Tam Country Park.

A tough ascent through the undergrowth was then followed by a sharp, slippery descent to the Tai Tam reservoir where an orienteering challenge was completed, aided by former orienteering county champion Fawcett. A further hour of clambering over rocks and running through storm drains saw the team emerge on the beach at Deepwater Bay. A challenging 5-legged-race challenge was then completed (4 competitors with legs strapped together!) before a run around the headland and  a swim in the icy waters of the South China Sea across to Middle Island.

On Middle Island we hopped into ocean kayaks to head over to South Bay with a brief interlude involving Murton clambering on board a yacht before having to walk the plank and dive 20 ft into the rather dirty waters off Repulse Bay. After making landfall at South Bay it was another long, arduous climb up the granite slopes before finally descending down into Stanley to see the welcome sight of the finish line. Our time was a remarkably impressive 5 hours and 5 minutes placing us well up the field. No serious injuries, multiple aches, pains, cuts and bruises but a terrific day in the sun.


  1. Gentleman, I can't say I am not impressed! Well done! Craig Furno, South Africa

  2. We ran, swam, climbed, dived, kayaked & scrambled for your support to charity! All donations goes to the Outward Bound Association

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