Thursday, 2 May 2013

5 Tips that Improve Warehouse Efficiency

We have been concentrating on improving warehouse efficiency this week. Today we have a further five excellent tips that can transform a dysfunctional warehouse into a smooth running streamlined system that works.

    warehouse efficiency
  1. Create a colour code system. Add colour coded labels to your important customers so they are easily recognised. Each order that heads out to their location should have the correct coloured label to avoid errors. This system ensures your most important customers are kept happy.
  2. Cycle counting needs to be introduced into you standard operations procedures. Cycle counts help to keep on top of the entire inventory. Use it to located returned goods, locate missing items, rotate stock and maintain an efficient inventory management system. This stops problems and avoids problems with the customers.
  3. Introduce “a day’s work in a day”. This means that any work that has been started must be completed in the same day. Items that are received that day need to be stored correctly. Items which have been picked need to be sent out or staged. To ensure this works put in place cut off times when order processing needs to end so there is enough time to finish.
Tomorrow we will conclude our look at efficient warehouse management. If you need any help in the meantime email our team at:

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