Friday, 3 May 2013

Changes in Mother’s Day Shopping Trends

The National Retail Federation (NRF) & BIGinsight have recently conducted a Mother’s Day spending survey to help determine the consumer’s behavior and shopping trends related to the Mother’s Day.  A poll was carried out between 2nd – 9th April 2013 with 4,912 consumers (US population, +18); with +/- 1.4 % marginal error.
Mother Day Consumption NRF

According to the findings:
- Total spending is expected to increase by 11% and reach US20.7 billion in May 2013 with an average of US$168.94 spending when compared to 2012. 
- Consumers are increasing their budget to purchase premium gifts such as, tablet, Smartphone and jewelry aside from the traditional flowers, apparel and festival cards.
- Gift givers will indulge on a special brunch or dinner ($3.5 billion), flowers ($2.3 billion), gift cards ($2.0 billion), clothing and/or accessories ($1.7 billion), and a day at the spa ($1.5 billion). 
- The survey found that 34.4% of gift buyers will shop at a department store while 29.1% heads to discount stores, specialty stores including jewelers, florists; 36.6% electronics stores and 8.9% specialty clothing stores. 
- People buying gift online went up 25.6% from last year accounting for 28.5% US Consumers who buys online. 
- Aside from the 65.2% buying for their mother or stepmother,  they will also buy Mother’s Day gifts for other women in their life, including their wife (23.6%), daughter (10.5%), grandmother (8.5%) and sister (8.2%). 
- (Source: National Retail Federation (NRF) Mother’s Day Spending Survey conducted by BIGinsight, 2013)

A copy of the complete survey results can be downloaded from:

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