Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Emerging Markets Slow down has No Effects on Enthusiasm

Emerging Markets TrendInvestment opportunities remain high despite the fact that the slowdown of emerging markets resulted as a reaction to the global economic crisis in 2012. There are markets out there that remain open to investors looking for new opportunities as well as manufacturers and logistics.

In the 2013 Agility Emerging Markets Logistics Index, there were 45 emerging markets listed. On average each of these markets grew by 4.4 %which is positive news especially when you compare it to the EU markets that only grew by 0.2% and the US market at 2.2%. 

Trade and logistics are all looking towards the emerging markets during 2013, even while rethinking the use of reduce cost labour. They are also looking at new markets that are beyond China, Russia, India and Brazil.

Markets to Watch

China has continued to do well even though the EU and US markets have been struggling. China is now at the number one spot in the index for the fourth year in a row. It plays an important role in the recovery of the global economy.

Other emerging markets to look out for are Vietnam, which grew rapidly in ocean and air fright based on their year on year data. Thailand has risen up the index by 15 positions and is now ranked at number 14. Bangladesh and Pakistan have been pointed out as two areas of great interest for logistics providers and are thought to emerge as hubs in the future.

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