Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Is Warehouse Causing Efficiency Problems?

When running a warehouse you have to have excellent management skills. A poorly maintained warehouse will be messy, potentially hazardous and cause delays in the productivity times of your employees. The warehouse doesn’t have to be a battleground, use these tips to improve your warehousing systems and reap the benefits.

    warehouse efficiency problem
  1. Keep the warehouse clean and tidy. Organising a weekly clean will help you to stay on top of missing inventory items as well as returned or damaged goods. The tidy up ensures workers are able to move easily around the warehouse and stay organised.
  2. Uniforms give your employees an identity that can be recognised. It is useful to add individual job titles to shirts and helps remind the employees that they play an important role in the company. It also helps to establish which personal should be where in the warehouse which is useful for security purposes.
  3. Think about where you are placing the most senior workers. The best place for those with experience is at the receiving end. If receiving isn’t managed well it results in several problems down the line that could be avoided.
  4. Add signs to your warehouse that help all employees to easily navigate the space. Label landmarks, add signs for bins and aisles and produce a warehouse map.
  5. Pick tickets should have descriptions added to make it easier for the employees to pick the right orders. Add details such as the colour or physical description.
Return tomorrow for five more efficiency tips that will transform your warehouse.    

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