Monday, 13 May 2013

Measuring Logistics Performance

Measuring logistic performance is vital for every business. It reduces operation costs, control expenses and vital on the way of handling at operations & asset management. Additionally, these measurements are important to help retain & attract new customers and serve as references on decisions on prices cuts and service improvement.  Ultimately the logistics performance has great influence on the shareholder value.

Metrics to be Measure

·   Internal and external logistics functions
·   Time, quality, cost, profit , availability and reliability
·   Cost vs. Revenue &  Service vs. Productivity
·   Critical success factors

The metrics can be measured easily by automated systems. Modern logistics operators has speed-up the measurement by the use of information systems, dedicated software and various track & tracing technology which make it easy to elevate the logistics performance. 

We have posses many years of experience in the industry; we are happy to share on how to improve your business logistics performance.

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