Friday, 3 May 2013

Six Steps to a Productive Warehouse

All week we have focused on warehouse efficiency. Today we have six steps that will help to improve the productively in the warehouse and leave customers and employees happy. Improving productivity improves profits so these are valuable steps that shouldn’t be ignored.

Step One

Productive warehouseInvest in new equipment such as lifts, doors and a new computer system. The new equipment is less likely to break down or need repairing and they will run faster. Investing in the company is a great way of improving morale and productivity is boosted as a result.

Step Two

Arrange a complete review of the current layout of the warehouse. If there are logical errors change the layout so everything can run more efficiently.

Step Three

Improve signage and an inventory location system. This helps workers to quickly locate the items they need to find so that productivity isn’t hindered.

Step Four

Increase your warehouse space so you are able to store more goods. If the demand is there are larger warehouse increases profits. Increasing warehouse sizes also makes more comfortable working conditions.

Step Five

Ensure there is a strong management presence at all times. Workers are aware of their importance and all efficient workers can be quickly recognised and praised for their hard work. Without management in place employees can become sloppy. The managers can also spot any workers who may not be pulling their weight so the situation can be improved quickly.

Step Six

Finally evaluate your payment system to provide workers with fair pay and increase the pay when possible. If you are unable to increase wages consider other incentives.
We hope you will find these steps useful. If you need to speak to someone about warehouse and distribution you can contact our friendly team at

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