Monday, 20 May 2013

Skills That Every International Business Manager Needs

Royale International GroupInternational business happens when transactions are made from countries outside of your own. To conduct international business you either need to use an export and import agent or grow your business to include sales, finance and marketing teams. 

Managers taking on international business will find they need to use new skills that may work on a domestic level but fail when it comes to international trading. 

These skills include:
Cultural awareness - Cultures vary and an International Business Manager needs to be aware of, and respect, other cultures to enhance the business relationships. Things like negotiation skills, tone of voice and body language all play a huge part in securing deals.

Multilingual – It will help a great deal if your International Business Manager has more than one language they are fluent in. If this is not possible, the managers will need to learn how to communicate in English in a way that can be easily understood such as avoiding local slangs and phrases that may confuse, use short sentences and having clear explanations for all processes. It will also make a world of difference to have product and service information available in multiple languages.

A global management philosophy – create a management system that is able to make the most of international opportunities and quickly adapt to changes in potentially volatile markets.

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