Friday, 31 May 2013

The Difference between Forward & Reverse Logistics in Retail Environment

Forward Logistics vs Reverse Logistics

Types of Issues
Forward Logistics
Reverse Logistics
Product Quality Uniform Not Uniform
Disposition Options Clear Not Clear
Routing of Products Unambiguous Ambiguous
Forward Distribution Costs Understandable Less understandable
Pricing of Product Uniform Not Uniform
Inventory Management Consistent Not Consistent
Product Life Cycle Manageable Less Manageable
Financial Management Issues Clear Unclear
Negotiation between Parties More straightforward Less straightforward
Type of customers Easy to identify and market Difficult to identify and market
Visibility of Process More transparent Less transparent

Adapt from: Tibben-Lemke, RS & Roger DS (2002) “Difference between forward and reverse logistics in retail environment”, Supply Chain Management: An International Journal

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