Friday, 10 May 2013

The Trends that will Define Global Business

As logistics improves and we are able to reach new markets trade is able to become even more global. Technology, policies and trade in each country effects business, so what are the trends to look out for?

·       Japan’s Trans Pacific Partnership could change the Asian Pacific region trade in the 21st Century.
·       Driverless cars are on their way which could have a huge impact on the economy. These cars will allow computers to take over the cars operations within set parameters on certain highways.
·       High speed rail networks are under negotiation. Linking China to the UK along with 17 other countries will transform travel and logistics services.
·       Social shopping is on the rise and this could mean the demise of exclusivity. Commerce will need to establish democratic ecosystems to work without friction.
·       Smart glass will change the consumer experience for everyone. Businesses need to introduce early adapters to ensure they take full advantage of this new technology.

Return next week to learn more about the exciting trends that will be changing the face of business.

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