Tuesday, 28 May 2013

What are the Functions of a Warehouse?

There are a few fundamental activities that are found in all warehouses, regardless of their industry or role. These common activities are:
  • Receiving the materials that come to the warehouse as well as ensuring the materials is arriving in the right quantities and in great condition. Receiving also includes ensuring the materials are correctly dispersed into storage or the areas where they are required.
  •  Pre-packaging when goods are purchased in bulk and arriving in one single package. They may be processed all at once or as and when required.
  • Putaway is when the materials are stored and this includes product placement, handling and location verification.
  • Storage is the act of storing the materials until they are required.
  • Order picking takes place when a customer has placed their order and the items needed to be picked to meet the demand.
  • Packaging and pricing is sometimes optional but if it is required this takes place after the items have been picked and removed from storage.
  • Sortation is required when an order has come in which has more than one item.
  • Pack and ship is a stage that can follow multiple steps such as: checking the order is complete, packaging into a storage container, preparing the documents for the shipment, establishing shipping costs, loading onto trucks or accumulating the orders for a courier.

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