Thursday, 27 June 2013

Logistics Evolution in Healthcare Supply Chain

We are all affected by how logistics and the healthcare firms work together to provide a complete, active supply chain that hits the targets. The Supply chain revolves around the how the customer is able to receive their required products and at what cost. International trade used to revolve around the transportation of the large bulky materials. Now the finished products and in-process now has a stronger role.

Due to the competitions in the market and the needs of the customer it is now necessary for improvements to be continued to be made within the management of the inventory.  Healthcare clinics and hospitals now know that they can gain an edge by ensuring they are using the best possible logistics services. These provide a superior service while helping the hospitals to save money on the cost of the supply chain. As a result outsourcing to third party logistics companies has risen.

One move that has been made in logistics and healthcare is by not applying just in time deliveries to the industry. Just in time is not always suitable for example if someone is waiting for heart valves, neuro coils or stents it is far more beneficial for the items to already be in the hospital rather than have someone’s life in the balance. With a revolution in the supply chain now suppliers and vendors are more closely integrated along with transport and the hospital services so total quality management is able to be achieved.


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