Monday, 1 July 2013

5 Boutique Retail Trends for 2013

There is a big difference between boutique and big box stores. Boutiques are unique and are able to provide an exciting and interesting experience, fantastic customer care and authentic sales touch. 

No matter how hard large stores try, it is impossible to recreate the feel and the atmosphere that are only found in the more personal boutiques that are popping up both on the high street and online. So how can boutiques retain their successes?
  1. Introducing technological experiences through digital signs. You can engage with your customers by offering ways for them to view your products and those that they have seen online using digital signs.
  2. Making the most of mobile ecommerce opportunities. Be forward thinking by introducing a brand new way of interesting and shopping using mobile ecommerce as a new purchasing option.
  3. Join forces with your peers and neighbours. The more you help each other the better it will be for everyone. Join forces to drive more traffic to your area b y joining or starting local community groups.
  4. Make your boutique social. Use social media to increase brand awareness and store visibility and stop trying to force sales to your followers. Use social media to reinforce your reputation and through that sales will naturally follow.
  5. Add online virtual wholesale buying experiences. Trade shows are beneficial but they can cost a lot of money and the frequent travelling can be exhausting. Offer an online way to show customers your goods using virtual dressing rooms, showrooms and marketplaces.

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