Saturday, 20 July 2013

Different Types of Personal Selling Questions

Type of question Objective
Alternative question Used to elicit an answer by forcing selection from two or more alternatives.
Clarification questions Reduce ambiguities, generalities and non-committal words to specifics.
Confirmation questions Used either to elicit agreement or disagreement about a particular topic.
Counterbiasing To attain sensitive information by making a potentially embarrassing situation appear acceptable.
Inclusion questions Present an issue for the prospect’s consideration in a low-risk way.
information-gathering questions Used to gather facts.
Leading question Direct or guide a prospect’s thinking.
Opinion-gathering Used to gather opinions or feelings.
Reversing Used to pass the responsibility of continuing the conversation back to the prospect by answering a question with a question.
Sharp-angle question Used to commit a prospect to a position.
Statement/question A statement is followed by a question which forces the prospect to reflect upon the statement.
Tie-down question Used for confirmation or to commit a prospect to a position.
Transitioning Used to link the end of one phase to the next phase of the sales process.

Source: DeCormier, R. and Jobber, D. (1993) ‘The counsellor selling method: concepts, constructs and effectiveness’, Journal of Personal Sales and Management.

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