Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Global Sourcing Adds Pressure onto Fashion Logistics

Fashion logistics has never been easy especially in recent years when the demands of the customer have risen. However, there is now an additional problem that put pressure on the shoulders of those working within fashion retail. This new problem is complex and tricky to master but it is possible.

Products and materials are now more commonly sourced from overseas rather than the country that the business is based in. It’s a globalised world now but that doesn’t mean that organising the shipment of stock and the return of goods is any easier. Lead times can be lengthened extensively when sourcing from overseas yet the low costs of the labour and the materials themselves make this method of stocking shelves a viable one.

How to Overcome the Long Lead Times

Partnering up with an experienced fashion logistics provider is the best way to keep costs down and keep up with the fast paced fashion industry. Delays can be avoided by using the expertise of the couriers and pipelines to be reduced as much as possible. Some delays cannot be avoided with ease; you always need to account for the import and exporting procedures that take place at border controls. Yet with your fashion logistics providers behind you it is possible to have everything in place to reduce the delays and get your stock on time.

In order to replenish stock and keep the stock levels at the right amount you must work closely with your logistics providers. They will work with you to reduce the pipelines and help you to achieve maximum sales potentials

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