Tuesday, 9 July 2013

History of Fashion Logistics

As the demand for warehousing and distribution continue to increase, the important role that fashion logistics plays has grown.  Fashion logistics has been a serious player in the industry over the past forty years and is now getting the recognition it deserves. 

In the 1960s more attention was paid to fashion. Females moved away from making their own clothing and making clothes for the family and began buying readymade items. Therefore those selling fashion needed to find a way of storing more clothes and delivering them to the stores where they were to be sold.  Since then the fashion industry has gone from strength to strength and the need for logistics has never been higher.

The trend has now moved to smaller sized companies, many of which operate from small offices or even homes thanks to the use of ecommerce websites. Fashion logistics now helps large and small businesses by providing complete warehouse services; as well, as distribution, global deliveries and time critical services.  Globalisation has also played its part in increasing the awareness and importance of fashion logistics, now it is being used by more people than ever before.

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