Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Quick Response Strategies

In order to position quick response strategies you need to be flexible and ready to respond. Your stock must include a wide range of products or services that can be brought to the market in the right quantity with the right varieties, price and time. Quick response, or QR, makes it possible to use demand to make the right decisions that will arrive in time for the customer; therefore, in fashion and other industries these decisions need to be left to the last possible moment.

Flexibility is so important when it comes to QR. You need to be ready t o change quickly to keep up with the volatile market. QR involves an operations strategy as well as operational procedures that are all aimed towards working with multiple enterprises trough fast information transfer that is profitable for all of those involved in the mutual network.

Research shows that QR needs to have strategic underpinning along with the implementation of technology and operational procedures in order to benefit the organization. Failure to effectively manage QR can lead to problems with the overall performance of the company which is risky especially in the current economic climate.

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