Thursday, 25 July 2013

Sorting Your Time to Market

The first of the lead times that must be worked on in Fashion logistics is called the Time to Serve. As fashion demands change on a whim often in response to a celebrity spotting, a popular television show or even current affairs, fashion retailers need to be flexible and ready to spot potential money makers quickly. Jumping on board of these trends can be real money earners and so time to market is a vital lead time to focus on.

You are dealing with a short lifecycle market. Once you spot a trend that is ripping through your target audience you must be able to transform these trends into the products that you can design, make and bringing them to market to be sold. This is known as the time to market and the shorter the time the better it is for you.

Being slow means that you are likely to miss the trend completely, by the time your products are ready the trend will have passed and you will be left with stock that will not sell. Alternatively you will have missed the high priced opportunities and lose out on the potential profits as demand falls away and the market is flooded with similar products.

Recent moves to reduce the lead ti me that it takes to bring a product to market revolve around being flexible and reducing the size of the batch. The use of CAD and CAM has helped reduce the times and make it faster to manufacture in a bid to keep up with the latest demands

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