Tuesday, 2 July 2013

The 6 Effects of the Environment on Retail Logistics

There is no escaping the effects the environment has on retail logistics. Environmental strategies being made by retailers need to work out ways of transporting goods in a way that is more environmentally friendly. There are 6 main effects that are being closely monitored right now, are you paying attention to them?
  1. Greenhouse gas emissions – Carbon monoxide is produced by the burning of fossil fuels in vehicles and in generation. Retailers also contribute to the gases by using temperature control equipment and therefore need to work out new ways of reducing their impact on the environment.
  2. Noxious gases – Pollutants including nitrogen oxide and sulphur dioxide have negative effects on the quality of the air. These gases can have negative effects on humans, vegetation and on the buildings.
  3. Noise pollution – Vehicles and distribution centres cause a lot of noise. With new vehicle technology it is possible to reduce the noise so retailers need to invest in their vehicles to ensure they have quieter engines.
  4. Accidents – freight transportation can cause traffic accidents and the cost of injuries or fatalities as well as property damage and use of emergency services are considered to be environmental costs. If the accident happens on the distribution premises it is an internal cost.
  5. Waste management – Waste is a by-product found in retail and retail logistics. With much waste the landfills can be over filled causing environmental problems and the burning of waste adds air pollutants.
  6. Visuals – No one likes to see hoards of trucks and warehouses in their community. It can be intimidating especially in the rural environment.
Coming up with solutions to these environmental concerns is essential for all retail logistics departments.

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