Thursday, 4 July 2013

Types of Energy Efficiency for Retail Deliveries – Part One

There are ways of ensuring that retail deliveries are more energy efficient.

Using biofuels is one way of reducing the pollutants released into t he atmosphere as well as reducing the carbon footprint of the company. They are made from renewable plat materials or organic waste oils and fats. When these ingredients are blended with diesel or petrol they can reduce the emissions by around 20 to 50%.

Replacing the vehicles used in distribution is another possibility. Using hybrid vehicles or electric vehicles it is possible to use logistics with almost no pollution being released into the environment.  This option is perfect for domestic deliveries or when a large proportion of the distance to be travelled is located in rural or residential areas. 

The electric vehicles do need to take up energy in order to be charged so it is essential that companies look at ways of reducing the use of energy. One option is to use wind turbines to generate the energy that the batteries will use since electric vehicles have constraints when it comes to the amount of distance that can be covered per charge of the battery. It is essential that the vehicles have on-board energy storage options which will need to be set up to ensure the vehicles can complete the journey.

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