Friday, 5 July 2013

Types of Energy Efficiency for Retail Deliveries – Part Two

There are ways that road freight transportation operators can reduce their use of energy and become greener. Some of these methods include: 
  • Teach the drivers how to drive in a way that will be more fuel efficient
  • Making sure that the tyre pressures are correct for each delivery
  • Provide incentives for the drivers that manage to become more fuel efficient
  • Make sure drivers are aware of, and follow, the tight speed limits to save energy
  • Buying or making use of more fuel efficient vehicles
  • Making sure all vehicles are well maintained
  • Reduce the power rating of the vehicle so it matches the weight of the load and the topography
  • Improving the aerodynamics of the vehicles
  • Reducing the empty weight of the vehicle 
These steps can save around 1 to 5% of fuel compared with non-fuel efficient methods.

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