Wednesday, 3 July 2013

What are the Environmental Impact of Retail Deliveries?

In order to reduce the environmental impact retail deliveries have, it is essential to analyse and review the current systems and operations.  Therefore you need to pay attention to seven key parameters:

  1. Midal split which is the division of traffic between the various transportation modes.  By reducing the use of certain freight traffic it is possible to reduce the carbon footprint of the company.
  2. Average handling factors which focuses on the measure of the average number of links that are used in the supply chain.
  3. The average length of the haul which is the distance the goods travel on each of the links in the supply chain.
  4. Average payload on laden trips and 4b– the average percentage run empty relates to the use of the vehicle capacities.
  5. Efficient use of energy is the ratio of distance that has been travelled to the energy that the journey consumed.
  6. Pollutant content of the energy source – considering the pollutants in the various fuels used in distribution.
  7. Environmental effects per truck per km. Any adverse effects of t he transportation that isn’t connected to energy consumption such as noise and accidents.

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