Thursday, 22 August 2013

Top Consumer Wine Trends 2013 Part One

Royale International GroupDo you have oenophilia? Oeonphilia is a love of wine and I think many of us can fall under this category. The United States of America has their fair share of wine lovers as they now make up the largest wine consuming market with over 13% of the wine buying share according to Jon Fredrikson.  The wine trends are changing along with the market, so take a look at six of the trends you need to keep an eye on.

The Search for New Wines
In the past, wine drinkers would often purchase Old World wines mainly made in France and Italy but now the trends are changing. People want to discover new tastes and grapes and they are more likely to try wines from other regions around the world.  Exhibitors from Eastern Europe and Middle East were out in force looking to attract the new market at a recent Wine Expo in New York.

Finger Lake Wines Gains Popularity
In New York, locally sourced wine Finger Lakes are proving to be a hit and a good value when compared to Old World wines. Among 100 different wineries around, the Finger Lakes Rieslings is reported to have great quality, pushing the character of the grape to new levels and the Fox Run Lemberger is starting to take hold in the Finger Lakes.

A Rose for You?
Rose wines used to be considered to be too sweet by some but now the new rose 2.0 is making a comeback with less sugar and dry tastes. It is now possible to really get a good balance of white and red wine all mixed perfectly for a summer day.

Come back tomorrow for three more major wine consumer trends taking place in 2013.

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