Monday, 28 October 2013

Activities: Congrats to the team on winning the Sedan Chair Race 2013!

sedan chair race 2013
Royale International is proud to sponsor one the winning teams on this year's Sedan Chair Race held yesterday at the Mathilda International Hospital at the Peak .  

The Sedan Chair Charities Fund’s aim is to raise money for needy charities in Hong Kong mainly through their annual Sedan Chair Race and Bazaar. It consists of teams carrying sedan chairs racing around the Peak on a route (2.1 km), starting from the Matilda International Hospital. Funds raised goes to support organizations that generally do not receive assistance from the Hong Kong Community Chest, Hong Kong Jockey Club or the Government.

Thank you for the participation and effort at this meaningful charity event! To view, please log on to this link:

For more details and updates on the events, please visit:

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