Monday, 28 October 2013

Critical Success Factors of Online Grocery Retailing

It is essential that online retailers work hard on a large number of critical success factors. If any of these factors are not worked on the resulting damage can affect the entire company. So what are these factors for customer targeting? These includes the following:
  • Margin rich products
  • Information distribution
  • Communication
Aside from these, retailer must also look at the other critical factors such as:

Trust – you need to work on building trust between you and the customer as the retailer takes control over the shopping process.

Tailoring – the website must be tailored to the customer, using systems similar to who have a personal greeting on the welcome page with [products appearing that the customer is likely to be interested in.

Choice- Providing choice within every product category is essential in order to create loyalty.

Price – Prices are transparent on the Internet which is a concern for retailers. You can improve the pricing by using promotions, added value options and excellent payment systems.

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