Friday, 25 October 2013

How to Profit from Internet Retail Grocery

There are six lessons that can be used to help businesses venturing into internet grocery retail become successful. These lessons have been created after examining the in-depth modelling and examination of different logistics solutions found all over the world, and by looking at direct consumers’ experiences from pilots that were located in Helsinki, Finland. 

Six Ways to Be Profitable at EGrocery Retail
·      Build up the operation systems based on providing a local business. Build a good density of customers in your area and them continue to copy and paste these systems to grow on a larger scale.
·      You must focus on growing the trust of your customers and building brand loyalty. Without this loyalty your Egrocery business will not succeed.
·      Have at least the same buying power as the supermarkets have in your area.
·      The operational efficiency must be at a very high standard and maintained. You can begin with a stored based service using reception boxes and grow to a hybrid model where you create dedicated fulfilment centres once the business is able to justify this investment.
·      The interface your customers use for ordering must be excellent. It needs to show the availability of the products at the very least.
·      Expand on the different ranges of products that you’re able to offer and add non-grocery items with bigger profit margins when you have the logistics systems in place to provide your customers with an excellent service.

Start small and ensure you are coping with all the management and operations before you move on to a bigger market. Work on providing excellent customer services with a great user interface and logistics services in place to retain customers

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