Saturday, 8 March 2014

Direct Mail Campaign Management Process Checklist

Direct Mail is an effective marketing communication method that can help build and strengthen your business. Here are some checklists for you should keep in mind the next time you launch your marketing campaign.

Step 1: Promotion Development Process (PDP)
    direct mail checklist
  1. Strategy Formulation
  2. Planning Your Campaign
  3. Promotion Campaign Briefing
  4. Creative Direction and Concept Development
  5. Copywriting
  6. Design and Artwork
  7. Colour Separation and Proof
  8. Production
  9. Post Production
  10. Addressing and/or Personalization
  11. Lettershopping
  12. Postal Sorting
  13. Postal Lodging
Step 2: Response Management
  1. Handling Enquiries
  2. Order Processing
  3. Fulfilment and Delivery Logistics
  4. Billing and Collection
  5. Data Capture and Reporting
Step 3: Results Analysis
  1. Marketing Analysis
  2. Financial Data Reconciliation
  3. Test Analysis and Interpretation

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