Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Global Drug Development Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Logistics in biopharmaceutical development is seen as a secondary importance when compared with the goal of researching and developing treatments and cures for the most devastating diseases in the world. However, this is a complicated industry and forward thinking companies are now looking at ways that the supply chain operations can assist them with their future drug discoveries.

As the move towards molecular and analytical technologies continues to evolve the need for properly preserved biospecimens has increased. Therefore the drug developers have to work out a strategy that will allow them to transport and distribute these temperature sensitive materials, such as plasma, blood and tissue. 

Cold Chain Logistics

The need for cold chain management is therefore essential. It defines how temperature sensitive materials are packed, stored and transported through the journey of research and development. So much so that it is expected that seven out of the top ten pharma companies with be in need of cold chain strategies within 2014. However, this process is often still overlooked, which can have a detrimental effect on the bottom line of the company. This is caused by the increased costs of shipping the materials. Pharma companies need to recognise the need to work in the cold chain and logistic processes into their total budget; in fact it will often take 30% of their budget. The trickledown effect of this is that the future research initiatives can decelerate.

Streamlining the Process

Thankfully, with developing sample management plans that consider the costs and need of temperature controlled storage and logistics allow financial investments to be protected while the research processes is streamlined. Pharma companies now have to recognise the cold chain management as part of the entire clinical trial process giving them new challenges. Recognising the need for ambient and temperature controlled transportation and working it into the process will increase efficiency and help to manage costs more effectively.

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