Tuesday, 18 March 2014

What You Need to Know About Online Shopping – Part Two

Online shopping is convenient, fun and often cheaper when compared with using bricks and mortar stores. We are sharing our tips and advices in order to ensure all your online shopping experiences are successful (check back to yesterday’s post if you missed part one!).

Privacy and Security Policies

All reputable websites will provide you a lot of information regarding their order processes. The information can usually be found under ‘Privacy Policy’ or within the terms and conditions. Here is where you’ll learn more about what the company will do with your information, whether they will share it with third parties, if they will contact you for marketing purposes and how they will contact you if this is the case.  You’ll also be able to read about their data security practices in this section, or it will be found in the separate ‘security policy’ if they have one.

It’s also worth looking to see if the website is run by a company that has signed up for a seal-of approval program such as:
Be aware of potential changes of their security and privacy policies in the future. You may wish to remove your data if you become aware of their potential closure or if they intend on selling to another company.

Cookies and Behavioural Marketing

Behavioural marketing is becoming more common place. It learns about your buying habits and shows you advertising that is targeted to you in order to try and get you to buy. While this marketing may seem intrusive, and it is uncomfortable for many people, it’s something that is now more difficult to avoid.

Online merchants use cookies in order to learn about personal shopping and surfing habits. The cookies track your activity on your browser and record all the sites that you visit. The persistent cookies will only run each time you open and close your browser, but session cookies stop once you close down the browser.  You can disable cookies in your settings but the functions you’re able to perform on their website might be limited as a result.

Return tomorrow for part three of What You Need to know about online shopping.

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