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Best Practice - Process Benchmarking for Pick and Pack

Process Group
Poor Practice
Best Practice
Strategy & Method
·  No picking strategy
·  No process to review pick method
·  Picking strategy supports current and forecasted customer requirements and will include multiple optimsed pick/pack processes. Optimised wave picking and task interweaving
·  Review picks processes and strategy for each product at least once per quarter. Modeling and simulations are run frequently
Tactics & Equipment
·  Pick/pack areas are not defined, issues meeting current volume
·  No specialized material handling equipment, only manual movement
·  Operator efficiency not monitored
·  Pick areas are set up without any consideration of operator fatigue and injury
·  Poor housekeeping, obvious debris and clutter
·  Pick areas are optimized to support current and flexible enough to handle future demand
·  Conveyors or other automated material handling equipment to bring the orders into each required pick zone, eliminating travel time for pickers (Pick to Light, AR/AS, flow rack, auto pick equipment, may be used
·  Operator pick efficiency and travel time are system managed and optimized
·  All pick/pack areas laid out ergonomically to reduce employee fatigue and injury
·  Excellent housekeeping
Pick Documents
·  Customer original order document is used for picking
·  Pick jobs not managed, orders are picked as they arrive from customers
·  Pick travel path minimization through order picking in travel path sequence using serpentine approach
·  Batch picking of the same SKUs for multiple orders, or wave pick sequencing to plan picks per zone in advance
·  Manual documents, centralized data entry
·  Transaction processing inconsistent
·  Systems do not support transaction process well
·  RFID not understood nor considered.
·  RF terminals, wireless speech system or simiar 2 way data transfer system enables automated order communication to personnel, portable printers used
·  Transaction are in real time
·  Single system of record, no data redundancies
·  RFID tag/ EPC tracking integration into pick process when required
·  Inconsistent record of activity by major task
·  No measures of staff productivity
·  Customers are not included in the performance review process
·  Record of daily activity by major task and staffing levels displayed on warehouse floor. Employees are included in continuous improvement programs
·  Productivity targets set and measured, showing an improving trend and/or meeting goals
·  Customers can review performance activity level via online reporting

Source: WERC Warehousing & Fulfillment Process Benchmark & Best Practice Guide, 2010 Edition

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