Saturday, 12 April 2014

Best Practice - Process Benchmarking for Material Handling and Put Away

Process Group
Poor Practice
Best Practice
Material Handling
·  Primarily manual handling with little or no process definition and poor ergonomics
·  Flexible an deficient material handling processes with appropriate automation tailor made for current and forecast business needs`
Housekeeping & Safety
·  Poor housekeeping, waste materials in access ways and product not organsied
·  No safety training
·  Poor safety record (or no safety record kept)
·  Obvious safety hazards
·  High levels of product and property damage
·  No program to resolve damage issues
·  Excellent Housekeeping work areas are clear of debris, goods are neatly stacked, no excess moisture, dirt, etc evident
·  Formal, on-going safety program with records posted in workplace
·  Excellent safety record
·  Insignificant product damage
·  ISO type quality and corrective action program
·  No defined put away process
·  No initial record keeping to identify materials to be put away
·  No defined staging area for product to be put away
·  System dynamically selects put away locations, based on cube, weight, product velocity and minimizing travel time
·  In truck RF transactions in real time
·  Clearly defined staging areas – support put away by zone and travel time
·  No performance metrics
·  Performance metrics support customer requirements an dare tracked, posted and reported and used for continuous improvement
Product Identification
·  Product is not marked or labeled
·  No consideration of or provision for automated capture of bar-coded product data
·  No consideration of or provision for automated capture or RFID data
·  Product is properly marked of identification using a industry standard label format
·  Product labeling supports the use of automated sorting and diverting equipment and AR/AS equipment integrated with WMS
·  RFID enabled product identification tags, integrated into WMS system location map

Source taken from: WERC Warehousing & Fulfillment Process Benchmark & Best Practice Guide, 2010 Edition

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