Saturday, 26 April 2014

Best Practice - Process Benchmarking for Shipping and Load Consolidation

Process Group
Poor Practice
Best Practice
Shipping Process
·  Products moving from the pick and pack areas are not reliably processed for shipping
·  No system support for shipping
·  Shipments are processed as shipped at the end of the day or in large batches
·  No system in place for ASN generation and carrier manifesting
·  No order prioritization or workload balancing
·  Shipping processes and support system are seamlessly integrated with the pick and pack processes to eliminate additional processing
·  Shipments processed, as shipped, automatically, when truck leaves the dock
·  Shipping process integrated with real time customer ASN generation and carrier manifesting
·  Orders to be shipped are prioritized real time and dynamically balanced between work zones to prevent over/under utilization
Shipping Transactions
·  Transaction processing is inconsistent
·  Original customer order is used as a shipping document
·  Transaction are batch processed, multiple standalone systems may be used
·  RF terminals, wireless speech system or similar enables automated shipping information distribution and processing
·  Transaction are in real time and on a single system of record
Managing Customer Requirement
·  No attempt to support client requirements and routing guides
·  Inconsistent generation shipping documents
·  Retailer charge backs are not addressed by warehouse personnel
·  RFID tags and Electronic Product Codes (EPC) are not considered nor understood
·  Customer shipping requirements (routing guides) drive shipping processes and documentation & information is maintained in an integrated system. All necessary parties have access to information
·  Integrated system generates customer specific shipping instruction and documents as part of normal shipping documents
·  Retailers charge backs (non-compliance) are tracked and managed, corrective actions are generated to determine root cause
·  RFID tag/ EPC tracking integrated into shipping process and promoted as  a benefit

Source: WERC Warehousing & Fulfillment Process Benchmark & Best Practice Guide, 2010 Edition

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