Thursday, 17 April 2014

Tips for a Flawless Global Supply Chain: Maritime

Effective planning is essential when working to maximise the ocean freight efficiency. The tips below offer you with simple steps you can take in order to gain a clear understanding of your shipments. Once you work through the tips work together with your carriers so you’re able to take full advantage of their distribution facilities, capacity and their intermodal connections around the world.
  1. Work to reduce the less than container load and the use of 20 foot containers to reduce your costs.
  2. Consolidate your shipments to make use of the high cube and full 40 foot containers to create savings.
  3. Get to know the market, assessing the cost of fuel, market prices, demand and the capacity. Use this information to come up with the best prices and setting educated targets. Make use of the data provided to increase your knowledge of the market and keep an eye on the changes.
  4. Carriers will be able to make optimum use of their equipment if they’re able to reposition empty equipment on return journeys. These round trips will improve your efficiency.
  5. Forecasting needs to be used month by month or even weekly so the carriers can use the most appropriate allocation models.

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