Monday, 7 April 2014

Tips for a Flawless Global Supply Chain – Warehouse Equipment

You need to have the right warehouse equipment if you want to optimise the warehouse to compliment your global supply chain. Here are a few recommendations:

Wood and Plastic Pallets
Understand the differences between the two different pallets, wood and plastic . Wood pallets can be repaired and can be recycled with ease. Wood pallets cost less and they are able to withstand more weight. However, they are more likely to give off moisture, splinter and attract bugs that want to make their home in the wood. Another problem is that they have fasteners that can harm the products.

Plastic pallets are free from bug problems, they aren’t damaged by the weather and they’re more durable. The problem with the plastic pallets is more expensive than the wooden pallets; they are very rigid and cannot be repaired very easily. Additionally it’s essential that the plastic pallets have fire safety ratings.

Considering the Environment & Pallet Trade off Cost
When using pallets it’s important to consider the impact they have on the environment and work out the pallet trade off cost.

While plastic pallets can last longer and recycled but they need to be melted down before they can be repurposed. Wood pallets can be recycled and repaired with ease since they are made from sustainable natural resource. Also, when moving the fragile products it’s important to consider if it’s w orth using the more expensive plastic pallets when considering the cost of damaging the product, unhappy customers and shipment delays.

Choosing the Lift Trucks
Lift trucks have many lifetime costs that need to be factored in. Think about replacement costs, fuel, downtime and the rental expenses as well as the maintenance and repairs. It is always worth investing in a truck that is technology enabled, compatible with the wireless communication technologies that are used in logistics to collect real time data.

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  1. Like it. Mostly plastic pallets are being used. But wooden have their own advantage.