Thursday, 10 April 2014

Tips for Global Supply Chain – 3PLs Part One

Companies, both large and small, rely on third party logistics, or 3PLs, to provide them with services, handling multiple jobs such as transportation, managing the logistics and the supply chain functions, access capacity and tap technology. When you choose a 3PL there are many factors to take into consideration so you’re able to benefit from the service and improve the working relationship to benefit the entire business and your customers.

Research the 3PL

Always ask the provider what services they perform the best, most have a niche area that will fit in with your set requirements and demands. Ask where their strengths are and use this information to pick the right provider. Additionally you should focus on their excell ent service record and not just the procedures they follow.

When you send out your RFP take the time to read through the replies, but make sure you have asked the most important questions that will provide you with the insightful answers you can use to make the best decision. However, don’t always believe the answers you’re given, take the time to visit the site in person to ensure the logistics provider is being truthful.

Work Hard on the Relationship

You will benefit if you’re able to develop a relationship with your 3PL built on respect and excellent communication. Be honest, share your shortcomings and share only accurate data. In return expect only honest communications from the 3PL you use. This honesty will build the trust that is beneficial to both parties.

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