Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Tips for Supply Chain Optimisation – Lean Logistics

Using lean logistics is one way you can work to optimise your global supply chain. The tips below can be implemented in the way you use lean logistics to streamline the process.
  • Work on improving the flow of your supply chain by reworking your warehouse layout and streamlining the inbound and outbound systems. The aim should be to compact your chain for optimise results.
  • The delivery needs to be optimised through the use of pull systems such as the Kanban or an alternative system. By doing so you can reduce the use of unnecessary replenishments.
  • Reverse logistics can be a complex process and therefore requires attention. The management must be focused on creating reliable supply with minimal damage.
  • The transportation routes must implement the best practises to create an improved movement of goods from production to delivery. There are methods that can be used such as direct dock to line feeding, splitting large and small lots and combining cycles to avoid waste and make use of the best available resources.
  • Create standardised warehouse processes that are repeatable. Time should be standardised in all tasks from picking to putting away.

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