Monday, 14 April 2014

Tips for Supply Chain Optimisation – Inventory

If you focus on the details you will be able to create and manage a global supply chain that has been optimised for success. Continually aiming for improvement, changing with new technologies, customer demands and expectations along with expert management will help you to fine tune your supply chain, these tips will help you to achieve this.

Improving the Accuracy of Your Inventory

There are many quality programs you can use, the trick is to pick one and ensure everyone within the company is following it and understands it. The inventory quality programs may include one of the following: six stigma, kaizen, lean manufacturing, ISO and top quality management. The one you pick should be the one that fits in with your business the most.

Management of the entire supply chain will be made easier if you create and measure the ‘perfect order’. Begin at the point of origin to the final destination following the process and searching for ways to improve accuracy. The perfect order needs to be duplicated and the strategies used must be shared throughout the organisation.

Invest in your employees to create a highly skilled work force. The employees should have a complete understanding of the supply chain and understand the end inventory goals. It is your employees that will be performing the processes after all. Additionally, carefully select  the supply chain partners that have systems and services that are compatible with your own and then continually work to improve customer services and your accuracy.

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